While artificial intelligence (AI) might be overpowering many sectors of life and redefining our perception of reality, there are some things created using AI that are absolutely beautiful. Artists across the world are now using this powerful technology to generate realistic and stunning artwork. One such creation is the AI artist Sagar‘s anime-themed video, in which he imagined how popular cities like Delhi and Mumbai would look in the anime world. Sagar’s outcome was surreal and a work of art, to say the least.

He depicted many of the quintessential locations that adorn these iconic cities in the videos. His art creations drew widespread attention and popularity on Instagram. The video evokes the unique animation style of the famous Studio Ghibli, especially in the way it brings the vibrant and enchanting worlds to life. Upon being asked which software he made use of, Sagar mentioned that the artwork “a combination of deforum notebook, automatic1111 and snapseed.”

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Delhi Reimagined

The video takes you through the stunning landscapes of the National Capital of India. From India Gate to Red Fort, Lotus Temple, Qutub Minar, Chandni Chowk and Safdarjung’s tomb, the video has showcased many of Delhi’s iconic monuments. And can you ever showcase this city without depicting its excessively popular momos, vibrant busy markets, food streets, and the Delhi Metro? Sagar also added the title song from Suzume, the recently released anime film directed by Makoto Shinkai, to the reel.

The video didn’t take long to go viral on the internet. When it was shared on Reddit, it received massive appreciation from anime lovers. Many viewers lauded the artist’s creation. A user commented, “Aaah, this is so cool!” Another, requested for high-res output images for wallpapers. A comment read, “Bhai tumhare talent ko shut shut namam. Kya kamal ki video banai hai.” A user added, “My city! 😍 What a beautiful work!” Appreciating Sagar’s efforts, someone commented, “This is giving such cool vibes, yaaar, and it couldn’t get any better.

Mumbai Reimagined

Following the love Sagar’s Delhi video garnered, he created another one. And this time, it was to depict the Financial Capital of the country and one of the most loved cities in India: Mumbai. He covered most of the iconic facets that make this city iconic like the larger-than-life Ganpati pandal, the Gateway of India, the Mumbai Metro, BEST double-decker bus. The video also takes one through the breathtaking Mumbai skyline, its beaches, the Sea Link, The Taj Mahal Palace hotel, and every Mumbaikar’s favourite: Vada Pav.

It is interesting to see that the video is essentially quite simple in itself; even without dynamic animations, it manages to allure viewers and leave a lasting impression. We are now eagerly anticipating further artistic endeavours from the creator in the days ahead.

Mumbai In Spider-Verse

spider-verse spider-man mumbattan anime india mumbai city planet

Another instance that came to our mind when thinking about Indian cities reimagined in the anime space on a big screen was Mumbai’s cameo in Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse. The movie depicted an Indian Spider-Man, Pavitr Prabhakar and his planet as one of the many Spider-Verses. The anime version of Mumbai, named Mumbattan was quite real, like it came straight out of an ’70s Indian comic book. They showcased the signature Mumbai traffic streets, crowded market roads and the Metro, amongst many others. The segment also had some noteworthy observations that are native to Indians, like the “kada” Pavitr wears and him having chai with Miles.

spider-verse spider-man mumbattan anime india mumbai pavitr prabhakar

It sure is impressive what all this advanced technology is capable of creating. And we love to see the stunning artwork that comes out of it and blows our minds every time.