The music industry worldwide is buzzing with the latest global collaboration ‘Echo’ by Indian popstar Armaan Malik, Korean-American singer Eric Nam, and Indian-American DJ and music producer KSHMR. ‘Echo’ just got released at 12 pm on Armaan’s YouTube channel after the official YouTube live stream with the three epic artists together, and damn the chat was thundering with fan’s excitement!

On Armaan’s remark in the live stream about doing something of this scale globally with three of them belonging from three different countries, Eric stated that it was like India meets Korea meets the US. If this isn’t true, I don’t know what is. Pinch yourself for the reality check guys! Omg, this is just so exhilarating! Trust me, after you hear the song, only these lines will be revolving in your mind –

“Tell me what we’re fighting for,

And is it really worth the battles?

We’ve been going back and forth,

Like an echo, echo,

Echo, echo.”

Now, here’s some tidbits for you all. KSHMR disclosed that his favourite Indian movie is ‘Dangal’ because of the similarity between his brother being a wrestler and having two daughters. He also praised Amir Khan for his acting. Even Eric agreed on it as he has seen ‘3 Idiots’ which was a hit not only in India but outside too. Hats off to Amir Khan for being ‘Mr. Perfect’ that he is! Also, Eric couldn’t believe it when Armaan said that ‘Echo’ is released as it was too soon for him. He felt like it was just 36 hours, being busy for these few days. Arman agrees on that fact and the three of them shares that day and night they were engaged with the shooting and all in three separate countries. It was quite an experience! It’s an honour to Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. When the teaser went out, it shook the netizens totally.

Don’t miss the ending on this one. Eric did a hilarious job!

As you all know, KSHMR was the music producer and the record label goes to Dharma. Behind the lyrics were Armaan, Eric, and Niles Hollowell-Dhar a.k.a KSHMR themselves. Along with them were Natania Lalwani, Jeroen Sjoers, and Johan Jord Brinkhuis. The director from the Indian team was Dibya Chatterjee and from the US team was Jake Gobal. Both teams coordinated so well and made ‘Echo’ successful. It doesn’t even look like it was shot at different places! The credits seriously go to their high-level skills and efforts.

KSHMR reveals that this whole collaboration was possible due to Armaan and his mutual friend, Ayushman, who was constantly on Nile’s back to make it happen. He even jokingly says that he was just waiting for Armaan to reach more stardom before collaborating. On this Armaan laughs, and Eric further clarifies it’s for getting the highest possible reach during the song release. Armaan also surprised his fans with a midnight drop of ‘Echo’ audio on Instagram.

You may not know, but ‘Echo’ has its own emoji on Twitter and it’s full-on viral! It’s similar to the logo of ‘Echo’ and you can identify it by noticing the red-black emojis besides the hashtags on the tweet.

Source: Armaan Malik’s Instagram
Source: KSHMR’s Instagram

YouTube Music supported the music video by presenting it at Times Square and DTLA. What a great honour!

Armaan, Eric, and KSHMR are so happy that ‘Echo’ is trending all over, even on Twitter. The music is available on Spotify, Jio Saavn, Amazon Music, Apple Music, and Gaana. Within two hours of getting premiered on YouTube, it has already gained 452 K views and 52 K likes. If you still haven’t listened to it, then you’re going to miss out on an epic international collaboration with three amazing artists belonging from different backgrounds. So, take the clue and hear it right away!