National, 15 February 2024: Pocket Aces’ short-form content channel FilterCopy and e-commerce marketplace Meesho have collaborated for a special Valentine’s Day music video. Featuring popular digital faces Ayush Mehra and Anya Singh, it tells a unique love story set to the soulful melodies of Lucky Ali’s timeless song ‘Na Tum Jano Na Hum’ from Kaho Na Kaho Naa… Pyaar Hai. 

Filtercopy Pocket Aces Clout Ayush Mehra Meesho Anya Singh

Ayush and Anya, just two coworkers minding their business, get thrown together by chance when Anya stays back in the office for a late-night work session. This sparks a silent connection, and they start passing notes secretly, like school kids with a crush. Their secret office romance kicks off, sneakily exchanging messages and gifts, all while keeping their identities concealed. 

Filtercopy Clout Pocket Aces Ayush Mehra Anya Singh Valentine's Day

The brand finds a seamless fit into the narrative. Meesho #Trendz, a curated collection that embodies the latest fashion trends at the best prices, steps up to play cupid in their love story. When Ayush decides to surprise Anya with a gift, he turns to the Meesho app for the perfect pick. We catch a glimpse of him scrolling through the app, searching for that special something. And just like that, the Meesho delivery guy becomes an unwitting accomplice in their romance as Ayush eagerly meets him to collect the package. It’s a relatable modern-day twist on love, where even shopping for a gift becomes a heartwarming part of their journey. 

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Commenting on this unique collaboration Shreya Agarwal, Head of FilterCopy says, “Valentine’s Day holds a special place in the hearts of FilterCopy fans, and every year we try to deliver something new, something magical. Being part of the Saregama ecosystem gives us a massive advantage with music so we knew we had the perfect opportunity to create something unforgettable for the 50 million Indian youth we reach out every week. We decided to craft a modern romance with a tinge of nostalgia, set amidst the hustle of everyday life, unfolding in the most unexpected way. The story, Lucky Ali’s iconic voice, and Ayush and Anya’s enchanting chemistry will make the audience believe in the magic of love again on this special day. We’re so excited to have Meesho on this journey with us!”

FilterCopy has a subscriber base of 23 million across digital platforms and clocked 3 billion organic views last year. The music video is live across YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

About Pocket Aces:

With a mission to be a global culture creator that influences people positively by building an ecosystem of innovative media professionals, content, and products, Pocket Aces is India’s largest digital media company creating content across genres and distribution platforms. Pocket Aces’ unique positioning comes from owning distribution, IPs, and managing exclusive talent.

●        Pocket Aces has 36 million subscribers and clocks 700 million video views monthly across social media platforms with its channels FilterCopy (short-fiction), Gobble (lifestyle), Nutshell (infotainment), and Dice Media (premium long-form web series).

●        Pocket Aces also runs Clout, which manages 100+ digital actors and influencers exclusively, making it one of the largest talent management agencies in India.

●        Pocket Aces is one of the first players to execute the content-to-commerce strategy by launching its first D2C product, Gobble Cookware.

Pocket Aces has won more than 60 awards for its work across various categories. Major investors in Pocket Aces include Sequoia Capital, 3one4 Capital, DSP Group, North Base Media, and the co-founders of India’s largest IT services firm, Infosys.

Ayush Mehra Anya Singh Filtercopy Clout

About Meesho : 

About Meesho: Meesho is India’s only true e-commerce marketplace. With a vision to enable 100 million small businesses, including individual entrepreneurs, to succeed online, Meesho is democratising internet commerce and bringing a range of products and new customers online. The Meesho marketplace provides small businesses, which includes SMBs, MSMEs and individual entrepreneurs, access to millions of customers, selection from over 30 categories, pan-India logistics, payment services and customer support capabilities to efficiently run their businesses on the Meesho ecosystem.

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