Netflix, the streaming giant, has recently announced an ambitious gaming lineup for 2024, signalling a significant expansion beyond its renowned series and movies. The announcement, made by Mike Verdu, Netflix’s Vice President of Games, highlighted a diverse array of titles, including adaptations from popular shows like Squid Game, Money Heist, and collaborations such as Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy.

Squid Game Enters the Gaming Arena

Following the unprecedented success of Squid Game, Netflix announced the launch of an official video game based on the series. This move aims to extend the gripping narrative of the show into an interactive gaming experience, promising fans an immersive journey into the enigmatic world of the competition.

Squid Game

GTA and Other Releases

Among the most anticipated additions is ‘Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition.’ This compilation reintroduces three beloved classics—Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas—offering nostalgic gameplay experiences to both loyal fans and new players.


The 2024 lineup also includes Sonic Mania Plus, Cozy Grove: Camp Spirit, and an assortment of original titles such as Rebel Moon-inspired games, FashionVerse, and Game Dev Tycoon. With over 86 games set to be available by year’s end, Netflix aims to provide these games as part of its membership, ensuring accessibility without any additional fees.

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Netflix’s Vision for Gaming Expansion

Netflix’s participation in gaming showcases a strategic vision to expand its entertainment ecosystem. By leveraging the success and popularity of its original content, the streaming service is set to captivate audiences across various mediums, offering engaging experiences beyond passive viewing.

Netflix gaming universe to include Squid Game and Money Heist


Challenges and Precautions

However, the expansion hasn’t been without its challenges. Recent reports highlighted concerns in New York schools banning Squid Game costumes ahead of Halloween due to fears of potential violence. This reflects the impact and influence of the series on society, prompting cautious measures in certain contexts.

Looking Ahead

Despite challenges, Netflix remains undeterred, with plans for nearly 90 new games in development, many of which are based on their original content. This bold move underlines Netflix’s commitment to innovation and diversification, promising an exciting future for gaming enthusiasts and entertainment seekers alike.

Netflix gaming universe to include Squid Game and Money Heist


As Netflix continues to blur the lines between streaming and gaming, the upcoming year appears to be brimming with promise, offering a fusion of beloved narratives and interactive experiences, cementing its position as a multifaceted entertainment powerhouse.