Arshiya Sharma, a 13-year-old girl hailing from the state of Jammu and Kashmir in India, has captivated the judges and audience of America’s Got Talent with her eerie dance performance. This marked her first international performance, following numerous performances at the state and national levels in India.

Arshiya Sharma stuns judges on America's Got Talent

A Performance Like No Other 

Arshiya Sharma’s journey on America’s Got Talent began with an introduction where she expressed her desire to be different from other dancers. She stated, “I am a dancer, but I don’t want to be like others. I want to be different. So, I tried incorporating gymnastics and adding some flexible moves into my dance to stand out.” Seeking permission from the judges — Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel, and Sofia Vergara — Arshiya set the stage for an unforgettable act.

Spooky Transformation and Unique Moves 

The performance commenced with an intense, eerie silence as Arshiya, in a ghostly avatar, emerged from a box. Her makeup and costume created a horror-filled atmosphere that was amplified by her precise and sharp dance moves, which integrated elements of gymnastics. This fusion of dance and horror left everyone in the auditorium spellbound, including the judges who were also slightly terrified.

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Judges’ Reactions 

The judges were thoroughly impressed by Arshiya’s originality and execution. Heidi Klum remarked, “When you said you were going to leave and come back with a change, I thought you would return in a pretty dress, but what I saw was something else entirely different.” Simon Cowell added, “I thought you were going to come back and do something like Disney or something sweet, but you left us blank, which was unexpected and brilliant at the same time.” The performance earned her a standing ovation and accolades from all the judges.

A Proud Moment 

Arshiya Sharma’s father, Anil Sharma, expressed his pride in his daughter’s achievement, highlighting that this was her first international performance. Arshiya and her mother thanked everyone with folded hands after receiving a standing ovation.

Previous Achievements 

Before her America’s Got Talent appearance, Arshiya Sharma had already made a name for herself in India. She had participated in popular dance shows like DID Little Masters and Super Dancer 4, where she impressed both audiences and judges. Additionally, she is a gold medalist in gymnastics, showcasing her versatility and dedication to her craft.

Arshiya Sharma’s performance on America’s Got Talent not only highlighted her exceptional talent but also her ability to innovate and stand out. Her spooky, gymnastic-infused dance routine has set a high bar and promises a bright future for this young dancer from Jammu & Kashmir.