Sustainable living is the need of the hour. L’Oreal India x Garnier India understands that fully and thus, organised a “Beach Greenup” campaign with Plastics For Change. The leading beauty brand, certified by Cruelty Free International, hosted a beach clean-up drive at Mumbai’s Juhu Beach on June 1 ahead of World Environment Day (June 5). This initiative was part of “Garnier’s Green Beauty” program.

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It aimed to raise awareness about environmental issues and inspire the Gen-Z and Millennials to adopt sustainable practices. Garnier’s Beach Greenup campaign saw a dedicated team of 2,000 volunteers coming together from 8 cities – Mumbai, Chennai, Vizag, Pondicherry, Puri, Goa, Mangalore, and Kasargod – to tackle plastic pollution. The clean-up drive was led by Pooja Hegde, along with social media influencers and college students.

The event demonstrated the collective impact achievable through unified action. Content creators like Ishika BhargavaDevishi MadaanHamza Syed, Tanya Balchandani, Prableen Kaur BhomrahRitvi Shah Leisha Patidar, Aatmaan Desai, Gunja Tiwari, and many more took this “#OneGreenStep towards a better tomorrow.” Garnier will recycle the plastic waste collected from the beach as they wish to make their products from 100% recycled plastic.

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These creators collaborated with Garnier India to get down and dirty as they picked up plastic waste spread across the beach and created awareness about being sustainable. Let’s take you through some of their experiences:

Ritvi Shah

Ritvi and Sarthak headed to Juhu Beach together, changed into the cleanup t-shirts and wore hazmat gloves before picking up plastic waste. They then headed to the shacks and learned a plant-watering hack at the plastic upcycling workshop.

Aatman Desai

In his signature style, Aatman took his viewers through his beach clean-up drive. From picking up plastic waste to chilling at the Garnier shacks to creating awareness about planting trees, Aatman did it all while entertaining everyone!

Leisha Patidar

Leisha went about the beach clean-up very diligently. She explained the need for recycling plastic very beautifully in her reel. Leisha also engaged in the various activities planned by Garnier to create awareness and educate the youth on sustainable practices to follow.

Hamza Syed

The green flag guy was of course a part of this green initiative. He highlighted how the cleaning kit was made by recycling 10 plastic bottles. Hamza realized how much we contribute to this pollution. He took a pledge to clean up as much as he could, throw his waste in the dustbin only, avoid using plastic products, use hand towels over paper ones, drink from reusable bottles, and use cloth bags. Hamza then explored Garnier’s plastic upcycling workshop where they taught how to re-use daily-use plastic.

Tanya Balchandani

Tanya explains how we can do our bit to curb the rise in global warming by reducing our daily plastic consumption. She took her followers through her activities at the Garnier Beach Greenup event. Every creator wrote a message on the pledge wall there. Tanya pledged never to use plastic straws. She gave 3 ways to say no to plastic.

Prableen Kaur Bomrah

Prableen documented her experience in her stories. From Pooja Hegde motivating people to take up sustainable initiatives to Prableen pledging to make a difference, this was a wholesome experience for her.

We definitely need more initiatives like beach clean-up by brands and content creators so that the masses get influenced to take action for a better future for all!