82°E, the self-care brand co-founded by Deepika Padukone and Jigar Shah, has announced its expansion into the Body Care category. This move comes with the launch of a range of body care products, including Body Cleansers, Milk, and Lotion. The brand’s latest campaign, ‘Art of Leisure,’ featuring Deepika Padukone, highlights the holistic nature of body care and invites consumers to embrace self-care practices joyfully. The campaign aims to simplify skincare and foster a sense of well-being in everyday life.

82°E launches body care with Art of Leisure campaign

Focus on Holistic Body Care

The Art of Leisure campaign emphasises the transformative power of body care as a nourishing practice for both the mind and skin. It encourages consumers to engage in their favourite leisure activities without guilt, positioning self-care as an essential aspect of overall wellness. By advocating for simplicity in skincare routines, the campaign aligns with 82°E’s mission to make self-care accessible and effective for everyone.

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Brand Mission and Vision

Launched in November 2022, 82°E is dedicated to making self-care a simple, joyful, and integral part of daily life. With the introduction of its Body Care line, the brand aims to further its mission by offering consumers a fresh and immersive experience in personal care. 

Milestone Achievement and Expansion

For the launch of the Body Care line and the accompanying campaign represent a significant milestone, marking the brand’s transition into above-the-line marketing. By increasing its reach in key markets across the country,it seeks to solidify its position as a leader in the self-care industry. T Gangadhar, Group CEO of Quotient Ventures, expresses confidence in the partnership with 82°E, envisioning a brand narrative that resonates deeply with consumers and inspires them to prioritise their well-being.

The launch of 82°E’s Body Care range and the Art of Leisure campaign underscore the brand’s commitment to making self-care accessible, enjoyable, and effective for all. With Deepika Padukone’s endorsement and a focus on holistic wellness, it continues to redefine the standards of personal care, inviting consumers to embrace self-care as a vital component of their daily routines.