Marvel had for long been a holy grail of sci-fi cinema giving people a range of admirable superheroes. But in recent years, the fandom has been dying a slow death after the first three Phases. It’s going to take something special to get people as hyped for Marvel’s movies as they used to be.

The first trailer for Deadpool & Wolverine, the studio’s first R-rated cape flick, seems to have what it takes to turn it around for MCU. The first-look footage of the movie dropped during Super Bowl LVIII. Soon after Ryan Reynolds himself dropped the full-length teaser on social media and the fans are loving the highly anticipated first trailer featuring the “Merc with a Mouth.”

The Teaser

After years of anticipation, Marvel released the teaser for Deadpool & Wolverine, finally bringing the foul-mouthed-fourth-wall-breaking antihero into its realm of superheroes.

Wade Wilson‘s (played by Ryan) time-travelling antics at the end of Deadpool 2 seem to have drawn the attention of the Time Variance Authority (TVA). A squad of soldiers shows up while Wilson celebrates his birthday. He isn’t exactly surprised to see them or to be whisked away through a portal.

Wade is then shown enough superhero footage featuring Hulk (Mark Ruffalo), Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and Captain America (Chris Evans), among many others. Deadpool then proceeds to gleefully declare himself the MCU’s “Messiah” and “Marvel Jesus.”

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There are plenty of Easter Eggs like X-Force, Pyro, and reveals throughout the teaser’s footage, but the biggest comes at the very end when a shadow of Wolverine (Hugh Jackmanand his Adamantium claws surfaces over a Deadpool lying on the ground. “Nope, I’m actually okay,” Wade pleads, not knowing if Wolverine is being helpful or not.

Deadpool takes a moment to talk directly to the camera about the Disney of it all. TVA agent Paradox (Matthew Macfadyen) explains that there is something that makes the mercenary (Deadpool) so special. He’s been recruited to do special work that will send him, among other places, to a battlefield in front of a destroyed 20th Century Fox logo.

This suggests that Deadpool & Wolverine will feature characters from Fox’s old X-Men films. Who else is going to show up is anyone’s guess, but the way the trailer goes out of its way to keep Wolverine off-camera makes it seem like Deadpool & Wolverine may feature more mutants than we expect when it hits the theaters on July 26th.

Ryan Reynolds Deadpool & Wolverine Hugh Jackman Time Variance Authority TVA Marvel Studios MCU superheroes mercenary

Netizens React

A fan wrote in the YouTube video’s comments, “FINALLY IT’S HERE!!! Kudos to Disney and Fox for keeping the Deadpool franchise R-rated; adult scenes are basically the soul of Deadpool films. This really feels like the step forward the MCU needed.” Another said, “WOOOOO THIS LOOKS AMAZING RYAN. IVE BEEN WAITING FOR THE MERC WITH A MOUTH FOR AGES.

The way trailers should be, makes you very excited about the movie without giving away anything” said another netizen. A dedicated fan lauded Ryan’s mind saying, “Ryan is so damn brilliant man. He started these Deadpool movies, and it was kinda like Marvel adjacent, like they were like, ‘No thanks dude.’ And now he is going to revive that brand and change how much bloodier and self-aware they become. What an entrepreneurial spirit.”

OMGOMGOMG FINALLY IT’S HERE!!! 🤩😂 looks to be worth the wait 💖💖💖 also I see what you’re doing there Marvel / Fox / Ryan, so much jaw-dropping moments (like the TVA!) in this one you’re saving seeing/ hearing Hugh’s Wolverine for other trailers? 😏” said an excited fan.

The studio also seems to be making good on its promise to deliver an authentic Deadpool movie, with the film expected to be R-rated. With the film claiming to bring back the good old days of Marvel, we really look forward to watch it on the big screen on July 26.