Malaika Lunkad, known for her golden glow and superb makeup skills is a content creator with 46K followers on Instagram. Sunlight is her bae, and she claims to “put effort to look effortless.” From creating diverse looks with makeup to posing for mini shoots, she does it all. 

Let’s take a look at Malaika’s 20 best Reels: 

1. Projector’s Magic

2. Baby, I got Issues

3. Indian Aesthetic

4. Hair Flip Transition

5. Black Makeup

6. Flexing Success

7. Heartbreak Makeover

8. I’m Only a Fool For You

9. Retro & Vintage 

10. 20 Pictures 2 Videos

11. Mini Shoot

12. Renaissance Art

13. Indian Beauty

14. Two Sides

15. Obsessed With Sunlight

16. Multiple Personalities

17. Burning Pile Transition

18. You Should See Me In a Crown

19. Tell Me What’s Your Motive

20. Makeup Looks

So, these were the 20 best picks from so many great Reels of Malaika. By now, you can understand why she deserves the title of Queen of golden glow. The way golden hour perfectly highlights her face is enchanting! Get inspired by her and show your creativity!