Sophie Turner, known as the ‘Queen of the North‘ from Game of Thrones, has taken to Instagram to share glimpses of her recent ski trip, sparking speculations about a budding romance with British aristocrat Peregrine Pearson. This revelation comes amid Turner’s ongoing divorce proceedings with Joe Jonas, a member of the popular band Jonas Brothers.

Sophie Turner does a Instagram debut for alleged beau

The Ski Trip 

In a series of six photos posted on January 29, the 27-year-old actress showcased her winter vacation, featuring her alleged new flame Peregrine Pearson and other friends. The first image, captioned “Jagerbomb anyone?” portrays the group donned in winter gear, with Turner seated next to Pearson, and friends Amadea Kimmins and Rupert Gorst on the other side, enjoying a ski ride.

A Glimpse into the Winter Wonderland

The subsequent photos in the carousel post unveil scenic shots of the snow-capped mountain top, providing a picturesque setting for the ski adventure. A blurred image hints at a joyful moment, possibly at an intimate pub, where the friend circle indulges in some dancing. Turner also shared solo pictures and snapshots of a ski chalet, keeping the vacation location undisclosed.

Sophie Turner does a Instagram debut for alleged beau on a ski trip


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Sophie’s Past and Present

Sophie Turner’s romantic link with Peregrine Pearson surfaced around October 2023, marking a new chapter following her separation from Joe Jonas in September after four years of marriage. The couple shares two daughters, and their divorce proceedings have involved heated custody battles. Turner filed a case against Jonas, alleging interference with their daughters’ return to England.

Sophie Turner shares pictures on Instagram with alleged beau


Sophie’s Focus on Friendship and Philanthropy

Despite the challenges in her personal life, Sophie Turner appears to have dedicated the past few months to her friends, as evident in her Instagram posts captioned “2023 was the year of the girlies.” Additionally, she graced the cover of Harper’s Bazaar Germany and highlighted her involvement with the non-profit charity Crisis UK, showcasing a commitment to both personal connections and philanthropy.

As Sophie Turner embraces the winter season with a ski trip, her Instagram revelations offer a glimpse into a potential new romance with Peregrine Pearson. Amidst divorce proceedings with Joe Jonas, Turner finds solace in her friends and philanthropic endeavours, marking a new chapter in her post-marriage journey.