Social Nation is a joint venture between One Digital Entertainment and Laqshya Event Capital. We believe in celebrating the booming digital content ecosystem and bring stories, art and content to the fans. We started out with the approach of bringing together the digital content universe under one roof and saw it bear fruit. Today as we turn 2, let’s have a look at the Social Nation Festival, Asia’s first and largest festival which brought together over 100 artists to 20,000+ fans over a period of two days.

In October 2019, Social Nation brought the thriving digital universe on ground with artists and creators across various genres like music, comedy, dance, poetry and more. Held at Jio Garden, BKC, Mumbai. Let’s have a brief look at what we brought to the fans and to the digital content ecosystem.

The Big Break 

We reached out to various colleges throughout Mumbai wherein we auditioned thousands of students and selected 6 who got the chance to perform at the Social Nation Festival.


We are ardent believers of spreading knowledge, supporting talents and creativity which is why we organised workshops to bring to you insights from the best in business. The following were the workshops held at Social Nation Festival:

  • Low Budget Productions Secrets by Mumbiker Nikhil
  • The Art of Making Short Films by Guneet Monga
  • Stand Out on Instagram by Team Instagram India
  • Artist Management 101 by Rohit Raj and Rahul Sinha
  • How To Transform Yourself Into A Brand by Vineet Kanabar
  • Song Writing and Audio Production 101 by Vaibhav Bundhoo
  • All About Poetry Writing by Shantanu Anand and Nandini Varma
  • Want To Be A Web Show Wiz? by Vyom Charaya
  • The Art of Writing Comedy Sketches by FilterCopy
  • YouTube 101 by Team YouTube India
  • Love Thyself by Nikhil Taneja
  • More Ways To Generate Revenue by Satyen Poojary

Meet & Greet

The joy of meeting a creator you’ve been dying to meet is beyond words. At the Social Nation Festival we honoured the love of fans and made their wishes come true by organizing a meet and greet.

Red Carpet 

They walked out and we cheered! Indeed a moment to cherish. 

Some more pictures from the red carpet. 


Our favorite creators treated us with surreal performances. Here’s a look at a few pictures from those performances:

Catch more performance highlights on our official Instagram handle @socialnationnow

Fan Moments

Looking at these happy faces from the Social Nation Festival is enough to drive away our blues anytime any day! 


October 2020 marked the first anniversary of the Social Nation Festival. No day could have been better to release the official aftermovie. 


Social Nation had a glorious impact on both the physical and the digital world. While the memories from that day continue to live with us forever. Digitally, we trended across all the social media platforms. Here are a few stats:

  • GIFs: A total of over 330 Million views! 
  • Instagram:  A weekly reach of 5.8 million with 9.3 million impressions! 
  • Facebook: Over 2.3 Million minutes watched with a total of staggering 9.5 Million views! 

As we celebrate 2 glorious years. In our journey ahead we wish to grow with all of you, break more barriers and lastly celebrate the era of digital content!