This article today is extremely special because we write this with tears in our eyes. Wait, before you quickly skip this, let us tell you this is no sob story. The internet has bowled us over, again, or rather, Sidiously AKA Siddhesh Lokare has warmed up our hearts and the life of many delivery personnel with his generosity. Siddhesh recently uploaded a reel on Instagram where he set up a Relax Station for delivery boys delivering for various companies such as Amazon, Zomato, Swiggy, Dunzo and many more.

One of a kind gesture

In today’s fast-paced world, where delivery services have become an integral part of our lives, it’s easy to overlook the hard work and challenges faced by delivery personnel. By setting up a relax station equipped with snacks such as samosa and beverages such as Chai and Water for delivery boys, Siddhesh has won the internet with kindness. This thoughtful gesture not only recognizes their tireless efforts but also provides them with a much-needed respite during their demanding work schedules, more so during heavy rains. This kind act has won the internet and the video going viral is proof of this. The video on Sidiously’s Instagram account has 718K likes and is shared by 85.3K people.

A Haven for Delivery Boys

Siddhesh Lokare’s relax station served as an oasis dedicated to the delivery boys, offering them a comfortable space to rest and recharge. The location was strategically chosen in a central area, to cater to more delivery personnel. The Relax Station with its flashy banner was easy to spot and provided a range of amenities to help delivery personnel relax and rejuvenate. The setup aimed at creating a welcoming environment for these hardworking individuals.

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Siddhesh Lokare builds relax station for delivery personnel

Creative Market

Food and Beverages

Recognising the importance of proper food, which the executives very often miss due to round the clock work, Siddhesh Lokare ensures that delivery boys have access to hot and hearty snacks such as Samosa along with some piping hot Chai at the relax station. The relax station was stocked with good quantities of food and beverages along with water and Tea to help the personnel feel cared for. This thoughtful provision not only addresses the dietary needs of the delivery personnel but also promotes their overall well-being during their long working hours.

Community Support and Collaboration

Siddhesh Lokare’s initiative has garnered tremendous appreciation from the internet community. Many news outlets and notable Social media accounts have come forward to acknowledge the thought process behind the relax station, highlighting the power of kindness in creating a positive impact. This effort not only enriches the delivery boys’ experience but also fosters a sense of solidarity within the community.

Siddhesh Lokare and his relax station for delivery personnel


Promoting Mental Health

Working tirelessly to meet delivery deadlines and navigate through traffic can take a toll on the mental well-being of delivery personnel. Siddhesh Lokare’s relax station recognises this aspect and provides a space where delivery boys can unwind, socialise, and find solace amidst their busy schedules. This little short break can act as a big action in the realm of mental wellbeing of the unsung heroes of India.

Inspiring Others

Siddhesh Lokare’s kind gesture will inspire others to take similar actions within their communities. Individuals and businesses can also replicate this model, setting up their own relax stations, and extending support to delivery personnel in various ways. By leading through example, Siddhesh Lokare has sparked a chain reaction of compassion, illustrating the power of one person’s kindness in creating a positive ripple effect. His request asking others to help delivery boys in whatever ways one can is truly inspiring.

Siddhesh Lokare kindness to Delivery personnel through relax station
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Siddhesh Lokare’s initiative of setting up a relax station with food and beverages for delivery boys serves as an inspiring example of empathy and compassion in action. By providing a haven where delivery personnel can rest, refuel, and recharge, he not only acknowledges their hard work but also promotes their well-being and mental health. This heartwarming gesture highlights the transformative power of one individual’s act of kindness, inspiring others to make a positive impact in their own communities.