Anything that lets you express creatively is a sure-shot hit between the Gen-Z. When Pinterest came out with “Shuffles” it was an immediate craze for this generation that is obsessed with aesthetics. Shuffles is an app under Pinterest wherein you can cut out objects from images, create collages and bring them to life with animation and effects.

The app was viral on TikTok with Gen-Z users seeking invites in order to create their own inspirational image boards. They love using new innovative expression tools to develop, publish, and share visual material. They then upload these “beauty” collages with accompanying music to TikTok and share them with friends, family, and the Shuffles community. 

Shuffles by Pinterest app creative collective collage cut out images viral TikTok Gen-Z images library phone camera

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How It Works

Users can leverage Pinterest’s advanced visual technology to cut out images and build interactive collages of favourite products and other visual content they find inspiring. They can do so by using photos from Pinterest’s library or by snapping photos with their phone’s camera. When they found an image they liked, they could cut out objects from the foreground of the photo.

This feature was also introduced with iOS 16 and is now used to make image stickers for iMessage in iOS 17. The app was first made available in late July 2022. The software was quietly uploaded to the Apple App Store and is now only available on iOS and requires an invite code.

Not only did these collages serve as inspirational mood boards but the objects in the completed work were also shoppable. Users could tap on the items and be redirected to Pinterest where they could find out if the item can be purchased on a retailer’s website.

Shuffles by Pinterest app creative collective collage cut out images Gen-Z images library phone camera

Shuffles” To “Collages

Pinterest then introduced “Shuffles” in its flagship app as “Collages,” dubbing it a way for Pinterest users to “move beyond Pins” and see how different products come together. Shuffles wasn’t as heavily focused on shopping — TikTok users were creating “aesthetic collages” as works of art. Pinterest’s “Collages” are meant to drive users to purchase. Brands can also leverage the platform by updating their catalogs so users can add their products to their “Collages.”

As per the company, the feature is in early testing and will roll out to global users soon. It’s unclear what this means for Shuffles’ future. The app has fallen from its viral hit status to now No. 121 in the Lifestyle category on the App Store. However, Pinterest says that for the time being, it will continue to use Shuffles as a testing ground and bring its best features to the platform.

The addition of Collages was only one of several new product and adtech announcements Pinterest made at this week’s global advertiser event, Pinterest Presents. Have you tried Shuffles or Collages yet? Let us know your experience in the comments below!