“Today, we’re launching a website dedicated solely to helping educate people on the way Rights Manager combats copyright infringement and protects lawful expression on Facebook and Instagram.”, wrote Meta blog to announce their Rights Manager.

Rights Manager is a tool developed by Facebook to help creators and publishers manage their intellectual property rights on Facebook and Instagram. It allows them to easily identify and manage unauthorized use of their content by others on the platform.

With Rights Manager, creators and publishers can upload reference files of their original content and set rules for how they would like that content to be used on Facebook and Instagram. The tool will then automatically scan for matching content and take the appropriate action, such as blocking unauthorized use or showing ads next to the content and earning revenue for the rights holder.

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A strong intellectual property (IP) programme that comprises preventive measures, a global IP notice-and-takedown staff, specialized reporting technologies, and a repeat infringement policy has been developed by them over the years. The dedication to this task and ongoing investments in tooling and cooperative relationships to serve copyright holders are reflected on the Rights Manager website.

The website further goes into additional detail about the several methods, guidelines, and practices they employ to safeguard legal information. Testimonials from partners who have profited from using this effective tool are also now available for the first time.

This tool will help creators and publishers protect their intellectual property, control how their content is used, and monetize their content on Facebook and Instagram.