Twitter wants to provide users with a larger selection of emoji reactions for their direct messages (DMs), as well as, potentially, the ability to personalize how your rapid reactions are shown in the app.

Twitter is experimenting with a new search option that would let you use any other emoji as a reaction to a message in the reaction pop-up in direct messages, as you can see in the tweets provided by Twitter designer Andrea Conway.

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An extension of this would be the ability to change the responses that are immediately visible in response to your selections.

This may offer more DM engagement choices as more conversations move to message and private exchanges. By leveraging this trend, Twitter may be able to offer a wider range of in-stream answer alternatives.

Emoji Reaction | Twitter

In an effort to increase engagement and usage, Twitter is working on a number of enhancements, including tweet view counts, updated bookmarks, a new “For You” algorithm, and more.

According to Elon Musk, Twitter could have a billion users monthly by the end of the year. However, the platform needs to update its systems to show users more of the content they enjoy and entice them to return.

This is what all of these smaller updates should ultimately lead to in a more comprehensive strategy.