Instagram has included a new “Lead Form” option within your IG business profile action buttons, which offers additional ways to create a direct response from your business’s presence in the app. This is an exciting feature for digital marketers.

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Now, in addition to the current three CTA buttons available, a user may choose to “Add Lead Form” as an action button on your profile, as you can see above. A user may select a standard data-collection CTA to direct queries further or create custom questions.

The procedure gives users the option to provide short answers or multiple choice responses, giving you another chance to learn more about who is visiting your Instagram profile.

Lead Forms as a CTA button

It might be a useful technique to further categorize app-generated interest and compile more data for planning and follow-up.

These queries more effectively categorize and prioritize questions, or as a quick method to demonstrate more of your brand identity and interact with app users. Additionally, a user may use it to learn more about the company.

While more users are noticing the option in the app, it isn’t yet included on Instagram’s official overview of Action Buttons (we’ve asked IG for further information on this), making it unclear whether this is a test.

However, because more corporate users now have the option, it could be worthwhile to examine your IG CTA settings and think about how you might be able to leverage it.