Buckle up, folks, because we’re about to dive into the wild and wonderful world of Gopali Tiwari, AKA the queen of crazy videos!

This girl is the definition of a creative powerhouse, always coming up with new and wild content that keeps her fans on the edge of their seats. From creating her own weird challenges to capturing the craziness of her everyday life, Gopali’s content is a true reflection of her fun and adventurous personality.

But don’t let her wild side fool you – Gopali is also a total family gal who knows the importance of having a strong support system. She loves teaming up with her sister for some double trouble, and her mom is always there to provide some much-needed guidance (and occasionally drag her out of bed for early morning shoots).

In a conversation with Social Nation, Gopali spilled the beans about how she kickstarted her journey and how she slays at juggling all her roles like a boss!

As an established content creator, you’ve certainly come a long way in your journey. Looking back, what advice would you give to aspiring content creators who are just starting out, and what mistakes should they avoid?

I only have advice for all the bidding creators, be yourself! I also wasted some time initially trying to imitate the popular creators but the real fun lies in creating content unique to yourself.

If you could only use one social media platform to create and share content, which platform would you choose and why?

It would definitely be Youtube because I am a sucker for long-form content. The way the audience is able to get to know the creator’s personality and connect better.

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If you had the opportunity to collaborate with any celebrity or influencer on a content project, who would it be and what type of content would you create together?

The creator I would like to collaborate with is Liza Koshy, it would be so much fun to watch the Indian version of her target videos.

What’s the weirdest or funniest message you’ve ever received from a fan or follower?

So, I don’t have any weird messages but whenever they meet me in person their reaction is mostly like, I am too tiny and they expected me to have a celeb-like personality. One weird incident that I can recall happened when I was sitting in my car, and someone knocked on the window and asked me to tell them a joke, which was strange since I’m not a comedian.

If you could only create one type of content for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

I would like to say “VLOGS, VLOGS, and VLOGS” because that is where I am able to showcase my personality, including cooking, traveling, and every small aspect of my life that I want to share with my audience. I love creating them, and my audience enjoys them a lot.

Gopali, we would love to know your perspective on how you have been able to foster such a warm and friendly relationship with your mother and sister. Can you shed some light on the secret behind your strong family bond?

Coming from a joint family, the bond among family members is something that I have grown up with. We have always been together, supporting each other through the lows and highs, so we never had an option but to be with each other, it’s not like we didn’t have our share of fights, but as we grew up, we have become closer. Even now, every time there is a minor inconvenience or good news, I always call my mother and sister.

Speaking of my mother, she has been our rock since day one, even when we had no subscribers. She supported us and even saved money to fund our journey. I feel all of these things have brought us closer together.

What’s the craziest or most unexpected thing that’s happened to you while filming a content piece?

Honestly, every time I am shooting, something or the other happens. For example, one time I burned myself really badly, or like every time my sister and I are shooting together, we end up fighting really badly and drop the idea, and then our mother has to drag us into doing it the next day.

As a content creator, staying up-to-date with the latest trends can be challenging. How do you keep yourself informed about the latest trends, and what methods do you use to incorporate them into your content?

I am not a creator who is able to keep up with trends, not that I don’t try but trust me it is very difficult since there is a trend every day. But yes if I find something really interesting then I do it but never do I make the effort to incorporate something forcefully into my content since it is better when it comes naturally.

Hey Gopali, we’ve seen you doing some wild and wacky challenges with your fam, and we’re totally jealous! Is there any chance we can get some action too? If so, how can we score an invite to your next challenge and join in on the madness?

Would totally love to host the Social Nation team, my mom and I love hosting so you are most welcome and we can create something out of the box. I feel more the merrier, in the past I have included my subscribers in my challenge videos and the audience loved it.

To wrap up today’s interview, Gopali, everyone has seen that you always nail the 24-hour challenges, but we want to test your skills with a unique one – “A no-spend challenge: Go 24 hours without spending any money and document how you save money throughout the day.” We’re curious to see how you can get creative with your spending habits and come up with new ways to save money. Good luck!

I am a splurger, so this one is going to be tough but I suggest you all come over and let’s do this challenge together.

This definitely sounds like a plan…let’s see how creative we can get with our empty wallets!

In a world where everyone seems to take themselves so seriously, it’s refreshing to see someone like her who’s not afraid to let loose and have some fun. Thanks for reminding us to embrace our inner weirdness, Gopali – we can’t wait to see what you’ll do next!