The number of innovative AI platforms is growing, and with it, so is competition. ChatGPT, an AI advancement from OpenAI, is undoubtedly keeping tech companies and governments around the world up at night. The Russian lender Sberbank is the most recent to jump on board the AI bandwagon. In order to compete with OpenAI’s popular ChatGPT, the company just announced its own chatbot, GigaChat. GigaChat is currently only usable in a testing mode that is invite-only.


The firm claims that when compared to other worldwide neural networks, GigaChat’s capacity to talk fluently and intelligently in Russian is its key differentiator. According to reports, Sberbank has increased its investments in technology after Western countries reduced their exports to Russia and imposed sanctions in the wake of the Ukraine crisis. This is viewed as a strategy by Russia to reduce its reliance on imports. And the most recent chatbot is a result of this change.

According to the reports, the bank holds 30% of all deposits and loans made in Russia. The greatest financial institution in Russia at the moment is Sberbank, which is aiming to lead the nation in terms of technology. Its most recent invention as part of its digital transformation initiative is GigaChat. The bank previously gained attention for its investments in a range of tech businesses, including cloud services and driverless vehicles.

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What Can GigaChat do?

  • According to numerous sources, GigaChat has the ability to hold discussions, provide answers to inquiries, write code to create software, and even produce graphics.
  • The Sberbank tool reportedly contains multimodal characteristics and has been trained in Russian, giving it an advantage over ChatGPT, which is now only text-based.
  • The fact that Russian-speaking users can use the AI chatbot on GigaChat makes it stand out from similar services. The chatbot isn’t nearly ready to have in-depth talks, though.
  • It is learned that OpenAI’s DALL-E picture generator, which is now leading the field in image generation, is not the only one Sberbank is relying on.
  • According to reports, GigaChat has been created as a multimodal tool with the potential to include video, audio, and additional features in the future.

According to a report from Cybernews, GigaChat is supposed to be able to converse more intelligently in Russian than in other languages and is also able to hold discussions and produce programme code.Testers can join up through a private Telegram channel before it is released to a small population.

Following the country’s prohibition on ChatGPT in November due to concerns over disinformation and criminal use, GigaChat is the second AI chatbot to be made available in Russia.

The nation has been on high alert and is engaged in a small-scale, covert conflict with Western countries. Russia has distanced itself from OpenAI’s chatbot in the wake of the crisis because it is unable to allow AI to control the narrative.