Filter Copy has a lot of relatable videos which can be watched on a loop. One of the traditions of the channel is the reaction videos every time they celebrate their subscribers. The Filter Copy protagonists read comments dedicated to them in the comments and imitate or react to them. It is a breezy watch and I wanted to share the same with you. So here’s Filter Copy’s ‘Reactions to comments’ series.

1. 2M Likes Special

2. 2M Subscribers Special

3. 5M Subscribers Special

4. 7M Subscribers Special

I love how each one of them reacts to the videos. Moreover, the fact that Filter Copy takes out the time to make videos especially for the community of the subscribers that they’ve built over the years is so special. Filter Copy will always be my go-to for watching ‘freshly brewed content’ whenever I want to watch anything refreshingly relatable.

I hope this encourages you to comment more often because who knows, they might take up your comment as a part of their next video in the series. So, keep showing the love and support to Filter Copy whilst they come up with more videos especially for you to watch. And until my pen writes more for you, here’s another article on Filter Copy that you can read about by tapping HERE.