Today is the perfect day to celebrate and appreciate the incredible women who has graced our lives and has embraced the remarkable role of mother. As a child, we loved to give our mothers the best thing we owned. To keep the tradition alive, we have grabbed a bouquet of words and dedicated it to our fantastic mothers. In this digital era, where myriad aspects of life are explored on the screen, the most cherished theme is the portrayal of mothers. So we thought let us channelise the overflow of words to recollect our favourite Mothers across the OTT platforms. 

Mothers on different OTT Shows


The world of web series and films have shown us some of the most wonderful mothers who replicate our real mothers so much that it feels like somebody has been stalking us all this while. To honour these OTT women who have helped us grow with them, we would love to extend our regards. Presenting our top favourite Mothers on the OTT platforms.

Maya Sarabhai

The OG Maya Sarabhai is one character that will go down in history in golden words. Mrs Sarabhai portrayed the character of a woman who hails from the upper class. She is a sophisticated woman with a sharp tongue and a sarcastic sense of humour. 

Maya Sarabhai’s impeccable sense of fashion is relevant to date. From her off-shoulder blouses to her short hair, she has been a fashion icon and will remain one till the end of the world.

Maya Sarabhai did not define motherhood in a blind sacrificial love kinda way but had a more practical approach to it. From living separately from her married son to having her own life, this mother represented the modern mother with any shame or guilt.

Mary Sheffield

Mary Sheffield Sharma was a delightful surprise and an interesting twist to the second season of the popular Netflix Drama, Bridgerton. The Netflix series told the tales of English Period Romance placed in rich houses and luxurious country estates. To see an Indian be a part of something like that, swelled our hearts with pride.

In the second season, Mary Sharma visits the ton with her two daughters, Kate Sharma and Edwina Sharma, who has been later declared as the diamond of the season. Lady Sharma is the Matriarch of the family who has raised her children on her own.

While she is depicted to be a soft-spoken and coy royalty, she knows when to stand up for herself and for her daughters. She has the courage to face the society that abandoned her for the sake of her children. Her daughter’s intelligence along with their mannerism is proof of her abilities in the show, reminding us so much of our selfless mothers.

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Shanti Mishra

Shanti Mishra is one of the most popular mothers in this category who represents mothers in their most accurate form. The fictional character from the series Gullak ties the family together amidst financial storms.

Shanti Mishra, played by Jameel Khan, is the core of her family. She is a loving and caring mother who tries her best to keep the family together amidst their challenges. Her interactions with her husband, sons, and neighbours form the core of the show’s storyline. 

The show Gullak has been a popular show for its realistic portrayal of middle-class life in India and Shanti Mishra is largely credited for it. While her love for her children is immense, her anger and frustration is equally unfiltered, reminding us of our mother so much in her.

Rebecca Pearson

A personal favourite, Rebecca Pearson from ‘This is Us’ tops every chart there is concerning mothers. The show runs a storyline based in different periods, to and fro, with one central theme, the protective cushioning of a family.

Rebecca Pearson is married to Jack Pearson and has three children, Kevin, Kate and Randall. Rebecca’s storyline often intertwines with the other characters, delving into themes of love, loss, family dynamics, and personal growth. Her character arc is portrayed with depth and complexity, highlighting both her strengths and vulnerabilities.

Rebecca is depicted as a loving and dedicated mother who is always striving to provide the best for her family, all the time being their emotional backbone. The warmth she emits reminds us so much of our mothers and the comfort of sharing the same air as hers. 

While the love and influence of a mother knows no bounds, this list needs to be limited. With this, we take your leave and bow down to all the mother dearest who are our source of love and knowledge. 

Tell us in the comments below your favourite OTT mother and why you love her.