Shopping in a store is unique because of the atmosphere, colors, and sounds. Even though we can’t experience all those little details when shopping online, we still want to try the items out first. While this has not been possible till now, the AR features. According to Google Blog, they are working to get the product to life.

“We’re making big improvements to AR shopping on Google to bring the most important part of a store — the product — to life.”

Try out products in 3D and AR

We’re continuing to help shoppers discover even more products using 3D and AR. Similar to how you can view furniture in your space with our AR home goods feature, you can now shop for sneakers using AR. Starting today, you can spin, zoom and see the shoes in your space as you decide if the color, laces, tread, or sole fit your style, wrote Google Blog.

You can start looking into products from companies like Saucony, VANS, and Merrell right now, and more will be available soon. (Now, any brand with 3D assets for footwear or home items is eligible.) Simply enter a shoe category, such as “Shop blue VANS sneakers,” and select “View in my space.”

The experience of going to your favorite store cannot be replaced. But for the days when you are simply unable to go, these features might help you replicate the experience at home. We’ll also be looking for ways to make online buying more realistic so you can shop with assurance and experience local shopping firsthand.

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Finding the right shade

The makeup category with the most searches is the foundation. It’s also one of the most customized goods you can get; even the smallest variation in tone or hue may have a significant impact. However, pictures of foundation on models don’t necessarily represent the variety of consumers, and sometimes the only pictures available are of the product’s package. Finding the ideal shade and product becomes especially challenging as a result. In fact, 41% of online beauty consumers have chosen to return an item because it was the wrong shade, and more than 60% have decided not to buy a beauty or cosmetic item online because they didn’t know what hue or shade to choose.

“So today we’re announcing a new AR shopping feature that makes it much easier to find your foundation match. Developed with guidance from beauty brands, our new photo library features 148 models representing a diverse spectrum of skin tones, ages, genders, face shapes, ethnicities and skin types. Backed by Google’s technology, this library is a big step toward changing the way people shop for makeup online, helping you better visualize what different products look like on you.” as reported by Google.

This is how it goes: Use Google to find a foundation shade across a range of costs and manufacturers, such as “Clinique Even Better Foundation.” To help you choose the one that works best for you, you’ll see how that foundation looks on models with skin tones comparable to your own, including before and after photos. Simply choose a merchant to buy!

The engagement rate of 3D imaging is 50% higher than that of static imagery, which offers significant possibilities for brands. We’re investing in innovative approaches to produce 3D spins of shoes, a process that is often time-consuming and expensive for brands, as we stated in September. In the upcoming months, we will begin utilizing this technology.

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