Many Indian festivals focus more on traditions and rituals but Navratri is one festival that brilliantly fuses ancient traditions along with modern merriment. The Dandiya and Garba Raas, an inseparable part of Navratri, is the perfect example of this. Fashionable outfits, peppy music, everything bundled together to express the festive spirit of Navratri. Funcho duo Dhruv Shah and Shyam Sharma, multiplied the festive joy by celebrating it with friends and fans, by hosting a fun Gabra night. What is a Garba night even without Falguni Pathak? Well, nothing! So Funcho collaborated with the Garba Queen Falguni Pathak and in association with Show Glitz Navratri, held the perfect night, one that will go down in history.

Funcho X Falguni

This is not the first time Funcho and Falguni Pathak have come together. Last year the dynamic duo, or we should say the trio, created a blast within the industry and social media by hosting a fabulous Garba night.

This time, bigger and better, the two powerhouses Funcho X Falguni threw a celebration like no other. Imagine this- a grand stage full of vibrant colours, spellbound music by the maestro Falguni Pathak and the festive glam by big names in the creatorverse including Funcho, Viraj Ghelani, Chandini Mimic, Nagma Mirajkar and many many more. Isn’t this what Navratri dreams are made of? Funcho X Falguni Pathak made all of this true and that too for the second time in a row.

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Invites and free passes

Funcho sent out cute invite boxes to the creator community to invite them for the fun event. To uphold the festive charm they opted for the colour red for the invite. Along with invites, they also shared the opportunity with fans to be able to attend the most magical Garba night with Creators and Falguni Pathak. 

Whom all did we spot?

17th October was truly a star studded night for the Late Shri Pramod Mahajan Sport Complex. Digital stars came out in large numbers to dance their hearts out at the Funcho X Falguni Pathak night. 

Dancing till their feets gave up and then a little more, we saw Viraj Ghelani, Janvi, Nagma Mirajkar, Sakshi Keswani, Dipraj Jadhav, Sanket Mehta, Sahil Mehta, Khushaal Pawaar, Naveen Kukreja, Chandni Bhabhda, Ankita Chhetri, Shantanu Rangnekar, Pranit Shilimkar, RJ Princy Parikh, Mayur Jumani, Rishabh Chawla, Divya Fofani, Mohammed Ali Mirajkar, Vrushali Jawale, Nick (Beyounick), Simran Dhanwani, and Naveen Sharma. 

The Fashionable extravaganza 

The Garba night was a treat to the heart and to our eyes. All these creators stepped out in their most gorgeous Garba outfits, leaving us mesmerised. Hosts Dhruv Shah and Shyam Sharma dressed in traditional kediyu designed by Rishh designs. The two men were definitely a visual spectacle. Alongside, Viraj Ghelani also took his fashion game a notch higher in a black and red Angrakha paired with a mirror work scarf. Pairing a tube blouse with a colourful ensemble, Sakshi Keswani surely made some heads turn. Nagma Mirajkar and Just Janvi opted for a more indo-western look, nonetheless, gorgeous. While it’s hard to name everybody, all these creators looked absolutely stunning. 

Funcho X Falguni Pathak Navratri Celebrations


Garba has always been about community and celebration and the Funcho X Falguni Pathak event brought people from diverse backgrounds and cultures under one vibrant, joyous roof. A fusion of tradition and contemporary entertainment it was an experience like none other.

The night only got better when Falguni Pathak sang some of her classics like Mein Payal Jo Chankayi and Funcho gave a warm welcome to all those in attendance.