The video streaming platform YouTube launched in 2005, thus changing the way people consume content. With the world’s biggest collection of video content, YouTube offers users channels to explore, watch, like, and share their favourite videos, and even subscribe to the ones they like the most. Like Facebook, Twitter (X), and TikTok, YouTube boasts a massive user base, ranking second only to Google in terms of the largest search engines in the world.

A Statista report from January 2023 shows that India leads the world in the number of monthly YouTube users. Standing tall at a staggering 467 million viewers, India is followed by the US (246 million) and Brazil (142 million). The most-viewed videos on YouTube have achieved the status of legends at this point. Have you ever wondered which are these videos that the whole world is collectively loving?

With countless viral videos, it’s a platform where catchy tunes and captivating content rule. The top 10 most-viewed YouTube videos offer a fascinating glimpse into what captures global audiences. From music hits to viral sensations, these videos have amassed views in billions, making them the crème de la crème of YouTube’s offerings. Check out the list of most viewed videos on YouTube (as of October 16, 2023 by Forbes):

youtube most viewed videos list top 10

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This article explores the most-watched YouTube videos as of 2023, exploring why they’ve clinched the prestigious title. Let’s take you through the Top 5 videos from the above-mentioned list.

Baby Shark Dance

Reigning at the #1 position, is “Baby Shark.” You would be living under a rock to not have heard this song at least once. We believe majority of people have heard it a hundred times through the year – mostly parents with their little ones.

The viral sensation “Baby Shark Dance” emerged from the creative hub of Pinkfong, a South Korean company. This video poem is the go-to choice for kids and youngsters. It is the ultimate crowd-pleaser. Its delightful composition, featuring easily memorable lyrics and infectious music, makes it the most viewed video on YouTube.


This hit song by Luis Fonsi featuring Daddy Yankee, has rocked YouTube by being the second-highest-viewed video on YouTube for its music and rhythm. Released in 2019 in Spanish, Despacito is about enjoying life and being in the moment – a message many connect with. And then came the Justin Bieber version, which was also humongously popular.

Johny Johny Yes Papa

Kids choice music seems to be really dominating the YouTube charts. Here’s another children’s poem “Johny Johny Yes Papa” that was turned into a video and has been enjoyed for years. It ranks at number 3 on the most-watched videos on YouTube list. Toddlers especially love the song which is filled with lively animations and music. It is also a favourite among parents to help kids learn the language.

Bath Song

Yet again! It’s a children’s song! The Bath Song teaches children the importance of staying clean and looking after themselves. These valuable lessons make it the fourth most-watched video on YouTube.

Shape Of You

Ed Sheeran never disappoints. His ‘Shape of You‘ is a catchy and lively track with lyrics celebrating unexpected love. The song’s upbeat rhythm made the whole world vibe to it on loop which is why it is one of the most-watched videos on YouTube.  Ed Sheeran and co-writers reportedly make around £5 million annually from this musical marvel.

Babyyy shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo.” Great! It’s stuck in our heads again…