While brands all over the world are working on ways to lure their next generation of loyal customers – the GenZ, online fashion giant, Myntra has clearly taken the cake with FWD. The brand has gone ahead and launched a fashion portal solely dedicated to this woke generation and aims to acquire 10 million new GenZ customers in the next two years.

The in-app fashion experience will showcase dedicated styles and curated content for GenZ shoppers. GenZ, those born between 1997 and 2012 have a global purchasing power of $360 billion with about 20% residing in India. Their distinct fashion choices and dependency on online shopping are what gave Myntra the boost to launch FWD. 

FWD will host a myriad of brands like H&M, Trendyol, bebe, Tokyo Talkies, Sassafras, Street9, Athena, Boohoo and more that are proven favourites of the GenZ. The app-in-app experience is not just limited to shopping for the latest looks, it will also boast features like photo search, simplified trend-spotting-to-shopping, celebrity looks, and more. 

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To stay connected with its target audience and to keep them engaged, the brand will also collaborate with 500 content creators like Adlina Angelo, Manav Chhabra, Mehak Ghai, Sanket Mehta and more to create shoppable video content like Reels. Myntra has also partnered up with popular Bollywood pap – Viral Bhayani, whose stream of the best spotted-celebrity looks will be featured on the app. 

Nandita Sinha, CEO of Myntra in a statement said, “With the launch of FWD, we are excited to cater to this fashion-first audience by creating a space where their fashion needs aren’t just understood but are proactively met. Myntra FWD is not just a fashion destination; it’s a holistic lifestyle experience designed especially for GenZ.” You can find the FWD offering in the bottom navigation bar of the Myntra app. 

Get ready to witness edgy, boundary-pushing silhouettes with FWD. We can’t wait to see what our favourite content creators have in store for us with this fun collaboration. Stay tuned for more updates.