Day 1 of the vivo V30e Social Nation Festival co-powered by Spotify, Black & White Label, and Engage Points is LIT!! The day is lined up with some of your favorite creators and fans. With excitement in the air and love in their hearts, this is a chance for fans to meet their digital stars & witness them perform LIVE.  

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Asia’s Largest Creator Festival had a musical start and we are not complaining. These rising digital stars have already been hit on social media platforms and witnessing their performances live, we know it’s for the right reasons. Presenting a round-up of Neyhal, Avanti Nagral, SidB, Parth Gadhvi’s killer performances.

All ears for Neyhal 

Nagpur’s upcoming singer/songwriter with 14,846 monthly listeners, Neyhal stunned the audience IRL too. Devoid of any professional training, he was enveloped with music throughout his developing years and therefore his performance on stage was magical. Neyhal has granted us with songs like – “Bitata Pal,” and “Kya hai mera,” and we definitely did not have enough.  We’re on cloud nine to have had this Indian pop singer on the stage on day 1 of our exhilarating fest. 

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Bowing down to Avanti Nagral’s eminent performance   

Picking her signature style from Indian classical, broadway, and gospel music; we’re smitten about how Avanti approaches societal norms. As a pop goddess who has taken over the soul of Bombay, she isn’t settling for it and her stage performance at Asia’s Largest Creator Festival was a reflection of it. She got her global experience along on the stage. And let’s not forget, her soothing voice with the wits on the stage has won her loyal fans for life.

Neyhal, Avanti, SidB and Parth Gadhvi  perform at Social Nation Festival

“Sid B” draws us in with an emotional awakening

A singer-songwriter and composer, identified with melodies woven from his personal experiences, SidB pulled us in on an emotional rollercoaster. His distinctive take on music reunited us with life and its beautiful way of unwinding. As often quoted by him, his songs are an impression of his life lessons, giving us “a walk into his life.” The more we know him, the more we love his music. His performance at the Social Nation Festival was surely a solid 10!

It’s the musical charmer “Parth Gadhvi” 

As a singer, guitarist, and songwriter, we’ve got the charmer “Parth Gadhvi” in the loop with our Day 1 of festivities. His on-stage performance gave us a sneak peek into his diehard optimism in life. Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve got ourselves a musical maniac on stage, who trusts the process and uncovered lyrics that reflect his personal journey.

With some of the biggest creators from around the world gracing the stage, attendees can expect a whirlwind of excitement, entertainment, and enlightenment. So if you haven’t already booked your tickets for Day 2. Don’t live in FOMO! Get your tickets now from ZomatoLive