According to Meta Blogs, reels are gaining popularity on Facebook and Instagram, so Meta is introducing some new ad options to help marketers make the most of the opportunities for promotion within short-form video clips.

First off, Facebook Reels will now include Meta’s Click-to-Messenger advertising, allowing businesses to drive direct DM interaction through Reels clips.

As you can in the illustration given below, Reels Click-to-Messenger advertising will have a sizable CTA button to encourage private message interaction, capitalizing on the rising popularity of both short-form video and private message interaction.

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It also leads to the second new feature: WhatsApp Conversion optimization is now accessible for Facebook Reels Advertising thanks to Meta.

As explained by Meta: “Typically, we show Click to Messenger ads to people who are most likely to initiate a conversation with a business on WhatsApp, Messenger, or Instagram. With this update, advertisers who use the Sales, Engagement, or Traffic objectives to add a “Send Message” button to their Facebook Reels ads will now give people an option to start a conversation in WhatsApp right from the ad.”

As a result, brands will have another opportunity to increase their emphasis on using WhatsApp as their main method of contact, which will help the messaging app’s revenue potential.

Including WhatsApp in the mix also supports Meta’s larger goal of maximizing its business messaging prospects, an area in which it still enjoys a substantial competitive advantage over its rivals.

In a different way, Meta is also expanding the availability of support for the Advertising on Facebook Reels post engagement objective, which will give users another way to measure responses, comments, and likes and contrast them with engagement from other advertisements or campaigns.

“This means that advertisers who have opted in can extend the reach of their campaigns to new audiences via Overlay and Post-Loop Ads.”

Finally, Meta adds that it is discontinuing its In-Stream Reserve video ad product as a result of the expansion of its short-form video possibilities. You can learn more about the latest Meta video ad updates here.