If working over different things is something you do each day like a juggler, you’re probably in need of hacks and ways to figure out a way so you can do more work. With the help of these google chrome extensions, you can not just ease your work but it will also help you to multitask!

Convert files into Docs, Sheets, or Slides with ease

Working with organizations, partners, or vendors who don’t utilize the same programs could be a challenge. Use the Office Editing for Docs, Sheets & Slides extension to convert files in an efficient and secure manner. This will make the process of converting files much simpler.
If someone sends a file to convert, rather than downloading it, add it to Google Drive. Then highlight the file and click the extension icon. After that, you can edit the file without having to convert it into Docs, Sheets, or Slides.

Translate websites into more than 50 languages

Frequently managing online content that isn’t in native tongue can be a task. The Google Translate plugin allows you to rapidly read pages that are in a different language, and there are a few different methods to use it.

You can right-click or highlight a section of the text, then select Translate from the browser’s toolbar, or I can use the button to translate the entire page.

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Watch videos and do work in the same browser

Viewing a video tutorial while following its instructions in the same browser can be tricky, and minimizing windows to see both don’t always work. The Picture-in-Picture Extension is useful in this situation. To fully see both a video and the rest of the browser window, click the Picture-in-Picture icon to the right of the search bar in Chrome while the video’s playing.

The video minimizes to the bottom right corner of the screen and you will be able to navigate to other tabs.

Save content to Google Drive

When you work on a project and receive hundreds of images and video files a week, keeping them all organized is crucial. Thankfully, the Save to Google Drive extension allows you to easily save documents, images, and videos with just a click. After the content is saved, I can easily open, rename or view the file in Google Drive.

You can quickly find it in Drive by sorting by file type (Docs, Slides, etc.), owner, location, the last date it was modified and even by files that have open comments assigned to me.

Reset throughout the day

Taking regular breaks to come back to projects and meetings can keep you focused and energized, but we often forget to get up and stretch, particularly on days when in multiple meetings or working toward a deadline.

Set the Mindful Break extension to remind you to take a break after a certain number of hours or at a specific time each day. On days when you feel like you need a little extra boost, use the random reminder. It also offers guided breathing exercises.