According to the Meta blog, just in time for the holidays, Meta has decided to release a new set of creator monetization incentives and tools that are focused on its Stars creative donation method.

Meta also aims to improve its payout systems to provide money to artists more quickly and strengthen its relationship with its platforms. First off, Meta is hoping that more people will use Stars during the holiday break by offering a variety of fresh incentives and deals.

Holiday-themed virtual gifts are being offered by Meta from now until the end of the year to make Stars donations even more appealing.

Additionally, Meta has included additional Stars Party bonus incentives for producers to help them increase their earnings from Stars promotions.

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As you can see from the illustration given above, the Stars Party bonus program rewards creators with extra Stars from Meta if they accomplish specific milestones. This will encourage both producers and their audience to work hard to reach those higher targets.

Additionally, Meta is introducing themed virtual gifts to Facebook Reels, starting with well-liked Reels subjects like dogs, vehicles, fashion, and dancing.

Creator Monetization | Meta

“This will help small, earlier-stage creators get paid sooner. The new payout threshold will apply to Stars and Facebook Subscriptions, and will be available for additional Facebook monetization products in the coming weeks.”

As a result, Meta needs to make immediate improvements to its creator monetization tools and forge closer relationships with rising stars so that it can direct top talent toward its next-level experiences.

Immediate monetization, and playing a part in the broader ‘Creator Economy’ is a key focus right now, but the bigger picture, as always, is how Meta can convert its current key trends into the metaverse experience.

You can read more about Meta’s latest creator tools updates here.