According to the Snapchat Newsroom, Snapchat, along with its well-liked Bitmoji avatars, is attempting to seize this trend by introducing additional digital clothing options into its offering. Avatar customization is gradually emerging as a new form of expression and a new potential for marketers.

In a new collaboration, Snapchat and Adidas have created a new range of special Bitmoji clothes that can now be bought with tokens obtained through the app for the first time.

Bitmoji clothing line | Snapchat

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The new virtual jacket might be a striking accessory for your Bitmoji character and could turn into a popular in-app digital collection.

As per Snapchat:

“We’re excited to announce the first-ever Bitmoji Drop in partnership with Adidas that allows Snapchatters to use Tokens to claim an exclusive “Into The Metaverse” (ITM) track jacket. 

Until Friday, Dec 9th, Snapchatters can claim an exclusive Adidas ITM track jacket in the brand’s recognizable yellow colorway, featuring the Adidas web3 logo and black stripes on the sleeves.

With this feature, Snapchatters have a new way to unlock exclusive digital fashion, and brands have an opportunity to partner with Bitmoji in a fresh and personal way at scale. So, what are you waiting for? Open Snapchat and claim the ITM track jacket for your Bitmoji!”

Users can purchase the ITM track jacket via the app for 250 Snap Tokens, as noted by Snap. In the app, tokens may be purchased and used to buy items from Snapchat’s many stores and promotions.

Bitmoji clothing line

As you can see in the image, Snap Tokens come in various bundles and may be used for various access and purchase options within the Snapchat app. Snap is trying to grow this into a larger digital commerce ecosystem.

Snapchat adds that its recent Air Jordan 2 x J Balvin sneakers have already attracted over 2 million Snapchatters, demonstrating the popularity of its exclusive Bitmoji fashion releases.