Murder Mubarak, directed by Homi Adajania, recently made its debut on Netflix, featuring a star-studded cast including Sara Ali Khan, Vijay Varma, Karisma Kapoor, and Pankaj Tripathi. The film promises a gripping murder mystery set within the confines of the elite Royal Delhi Club, where suspicion and intrigue unravel in unexpected ways. Join us to see what we think along with what internet thinks about the newest release.

Internet reacts to Murder Mubarak streaming on Netflix

Plot Synopsis

The storyline revolves around the mysterious death of Leo Mathews, a prized employee at the Royal Delhi Club, played by Aashim Gulati. What initially appears to be a tragic gym accident soon opens itself as a meticulously planned murder, setting off a chain of events that implicate a roster of well-heeled suspects. 

As ACP Bhavani Singh (Pankaj Tripathi) delves into the investigation, motives are uncovered, secrets revealed, and suspicions arise among the club’s affluent patrons.

Cast and Performances

While the film boasts a stellar ensemble cast, including seasoned actors like Karisma Kapoor and Pankaj Tripathi, reactions to performances have been mixed. While some viewers laud Tripathi’s portrayal of the astute investigator with comic finesse, others criticise Sara Ali Khan’s performance.

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Direction and Cinematography

Homi Adajania’s direction, known for his earlier work in Being Cyrus, attempts to weave a web of suspense and misdirection reminiscent of his previous thriller. The film’s visuals, captured by Linesh Desai’s cinematography, offers an opulent portrayal of the Royal Delhi Club, showcasing its decadence and class divisions.

Writing and Dialogue

Adapted from Anuja Chauhan’s novel Club You To Death, the screenplay by Gazal Dhaliwal and Suprotim Sengupta navigates the complexities of the murder mystery with wit and humor. However, some critics point out shortcomings in the dialogue writing, noting instances where the satire lacks bite and social commentary feels superficial.

Internet Reactions

Reactions to Murder Mubarak on online platforms like Reddit reflect a diverse range of opinions. While some viewers praise the film’s storyline and unexpected twists, others express disappointment, particularly with Sara Ali Khan’s performance. Users on Twitter critique her expressions and delivery, suggesting that she lacks the depth and believability seen in her co-stars. However, Karisma Kapoor receives acclaim for her portrayal, with viewers commending her versatility and effortless switch between characters.

Sara Ali Khan cannot act.
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For us, Murder Mubarak presents an intriguing thriller with elements of satire and misdirection, followed by a talented cast and stylish direction. While some performances shine, others fall short of expectations, leaving audiences us in our verdict. Ultimately, the film offers an entertaining watch for those intrigued by mysteries, but may leave some viewers wanting more depth in characterisation and execution.