Lenskart, a popular eyewear brand, has created waves of excitement among style aficionados and DC Superhero enthusiasts with its latest collection. Called The Dark Knight Collection and the DC X Lenskart Collection, it stands as the epitome of sophisticated style while drawing inspiration from the iconic DC Superheroes and Bat-Tech. Crafted for adults seeking to revamp their style to ultimate elegance, these eyewear pieces boast modern designs adorned with Batwing lugs and much more.

DC x Lenskart

In a bid to cater to the younger audience, Lenskart has unveiled the DC x Lenskart collection, tailored specifically for junior fashionistas. This collection embodies lightweight, comfortable, and flexible designs that exude super stylish vibes. The eyewear pieces come alive with vibrant comic prints and logos inspired by legendary characters like Batman, Superman, and The Flash, ensuring that the young wearers make a bold fashion statement.

Lenskart X Warner Bros. bring DC Superhero inspired eyewear

The Dark Knight Collection

The Dark Knight Collection is an ode to the popular figure Batman, who is known for his high-end technology. Adopting the same principle, Lenskart has not only included the Bat emblem but also has Bat lugs on its design to transform the glasses into ‘The Accessory.”

Visionary Voice

Ramneek Khurana, co-founder of Lenskart, expressed immense enthusiasm regarding these collaborations. “We at Lenskart are thrilled to introduce the magic of DC Super Heroes through our latest collections: Dark Knight and DC X Lenskart. These collections seamlessly blend style and heroism, empowering individuals to channel their inner SuperHero with every step they take.”

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A Perfect Partnership

The DC X Lenskart collection and the Dark Knight collection are a part of the collaboration between two giants bringing the best of both worlds. Lenskart as well as Warner Bros have come together to treat their customers with a special Christmas present. 

In this regard, Vikram Sharma, the vice president of consumer products at Warner Bros. Discovery, emphasised the significance of this collaboration. “Our partnership with Lenskart offers DC Superhero fans an unparalleled opportunity to elevate their style and showcase their adoration for DC characters. Lenskart, known for its trendsetting eyewear, is the ideal collaborator to bring the essence of Batman, Superman, and The Flash to fans worldwide.”


The much-anticipated collection will be made available for purchase both in-store and online via the Lenskart website, ensuring easy access for enthusiasts eager to infuse their style with the charisma of beloved DC Super Heroes.

Lenskart’s latest offerings not only serve as stylish accessories but also provide a gateway for individuals to embody their favourite DC superhero, making a bold and expressive statement with every eyewear piece.