If there is anything that defines the word unpredictable, it is social media. Anything under the sun can pop on your feed and that too without any prior hint. In a surprising turn of events, two bold and unconventional social media personalities, Uorfi Javed and Kusha Kapila, have taken to Instagram to announce their search for employment. Known for their daring fashion choices and witty humour, both creators are the talk of the town and this time they have captured the attention of their followers with their interesting job search posts respectively. Central to both Uorfi and Kusha’s job search is the Myntra’s End Of Reason Sale and we will tell you why. 

Kusha Kapila & Uorfi Javed look for jobs because of Myntra's EORS

Uorfi Javed’s Job Search

Uorfi Javed, famed for her extraordinary fashion sense, recently shared a photo of her resume on Instagram, accompanied by a humorous caption expressing her need for a job as a receptionist. In her post, she playfully attributed her job search to the looming threat to her fashion influence caused by Myntra’s End of Reason Sale. 

While Uorfi Javed looks for the job of a Receptionist, all thanks to her ‘striking appearance’ and her razor-sharp wit that has a ‘comeback for everything.’ Not going to lie, Uorfi Javed would surely make a hot Receptionist who is just perfect to handle every SOS situation.

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Kusha Kapila’s Job Hunt

Following suit, Kusha Kapila, known for her witty humour and relatable content, also turned to Instagram to announce her quest for employment as a Wedding Planner. With her characteristic charm, Kusha humorously highlighted her versatility and readiness to tackle any wedding planning task, attributing her job search to the impact of Myntra’s sale on her fashion and beauty influence. 

With a well-structured resume, that highlights both her experience in getting her ‘saasuma dance’ and her jugaadu nature that can fix everything, well almost, with ‘thoda adjust kar lo’ philosophy, Kusha Kapila is sure to add chaar chaand to any wedding.

Reactions and Engagement

Both Uorfi and Kusha’s job announcements sparked a flurry of reactions from their followers. While some offered job opportunities and expressed support, others marvelled at the creativity and humour infused into their job hunt strategies. A user eve went on to complement Kusha Kapila for her resume as she commented “Your advertisement has more sensible points than my actual resume!” Whereas Uorfi Javed fans were eager to hire her even if it meant starting a venture. A follower commented, “Main Restaurant khol ra hoo ab

The Reason for Job Hunt

The sole reason why Uorfi Javed and Kusha Kapila look for jobs is because Myntra’s End of Reason Sale has the best deals and the best brands and thereby everybody can transform themselves into a fashion icon, not needing the guidance or influence of fashion and beauty creators. 

Uorfi Javed and Kusha Kapila’s transition from bold fashion creators to job seekers is not only a hilarious way to endorse Mytra’s End of Reason Sale but its unique humour also helps it stand out in the ocean of influencer marketing content.