Artificial Intelligence has become an undeniable part of our lives today. With a plethora of AI tools at our disposal, we’re quite spoilt for choice. There seems to be a tool for everything. And the day is not far when our life is completely technologically controlled where an AI system plans our day and everything in it, for us. We asked Open AI‘s ChatGPT about how we should spend our day. After typing in a few prompts, the AI tool generated a whole day’s plan for us!

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With many liking the new wave of tech from OpenAI, this invention is something that will change the way we live forever. Our Social Nation Team decided to take it one step further: What if, instead of relying on ChatGPT to help with our mundane tasks, we let it plan our day entirely? Our experiment began with how every great day starts: Breakfast.

Hey ChatGPT, which Indian dish should we have for breakfast today in Mumbai?

We were eager to have a local Maharashtrian meal for breakfast and we typed in the above prompt with our fingers crossed. To our pleasant surprise, ChatGPT gave us two amazing suggestions: “Poha” and “Misal Pav,” and we picked the “spicy curry with soft bread rolls.”

chatgpt prompt breakfast poha misal pav mumbai

So, our first stop was at the famous Iyengar’s Bakery & Fast Food Center in Andheri (West). The Misal Pav was so delicious, we just couldn’t get enough! Here’s proof:

chatgpt misal pav Iyengar's Bakery

After savouring that scrumptious breakfast we wanted something to drink. This brought us to our next prompt:

Hey ChatGPT, what is Mumbai’s famous local drink that we can try?

Now. we know Mumbaikers would take this very personally and ChatGPT came through! The AI model suggested “cutting chai” and of course, it is the best way to start your day (sorry coffee lovers)! Apart from suggesting chai, the chatbot also explained how the popular local drink is made and how it is the city and country’s most iconic beverage. We enjoyed our glass of cutting chai at Iyengar’s itself.

chatgpt cutting chai mumbai

At this point, we were hopeful. “What else can this powerful AI do to for us – other than recommending a great breakfast?” we wondered. Let’s see if it can help us with shopping.

Hey ChatGPT, suggest a shopping market in DN Nagar.

We were on the lookout for a shopping spree that doesn’t create a hole in our pockets. Lo and behold! ChatGPT to the rescue. The AI model suggested the “Manish Nagar Shopping Centre” which is located close to DN Nagar and Four Bungalows in Andheri (West).

chatgpt shopping manish nagar center DN nagar four bungalows

We had a great time picking up stuff for ourselves after bargaining with the shopkeepers of course. This market offers an abundant variety under every category, catering to all your needs. And the best part? It is extremely budget-friendly!

chatgpt shopping manish nagar center clothes

Mumbai is known for its beaches. And our day would be incomplete if we didn’t visit one. Thus, our next prompt was:

Hey ChatGPT, which are the best beaches to watch the sunset from in suburban Mumbai this evening?

And up came the responses, in just a few seconds. Out of all the stunning beaches it suggested, we picked the calm and serene “Versova Beach.” ChatGPT was right, it was less crowded and oh, so peaceful!

chatgpt beaches mumbai versova sunset

It was such a soothing experience to pause and relax while catching the beautiful sunset after a long and fun day.

chatgpt beach

Surrounded by various shacks around us, we wanted to try a refreshing drink and ChatGPT came to our rescue.

Hey ChatGPT, what is Mumbai’s famous local drink that we can try on a beach?

The chatbot gave us the answer we were expecting anyway: Nariyal Paani! With this extremely convoluted weather, we needed a break from the heat, and coconut water is definitely the best fix out there.

chatgpt nariyal paani coconut water beach

Slurp Slurp! And the ‘patli malai‘ at the end is to die for!

chatgpt nariyal paani beach

The beach break gave us time to reflect on the other ways AI can benefit humanity. Food for thought right? By then, we wanted to grab a quick bite.

Hey ChatGPT, what is the one local snack you can’t miss to try when in Mumbai?

Well, it had to be “Vada Pav!” The craze for this snack in Mumbai is unparalleled. No one can leave the city without trying the Vada Pav at least once, and you are bound to get addicted. ChatGPT highlights the culinary experience that this delectable snack is.

chatgpt vada pav snack

Pics or it didn’t happen, right?

chatgpt vada pav local street snack

And last but not least, we wanted to end our long day with a peaceful activity. So, we asked the chatbot to suggest ideas and after some deliberation, we decided to visit a Gurudwara.

Hey ChatGPT, tell us what it’s like to visit a Gurudwara?

The AI model told us all about the religious place, inspiring us to visit the “Gurudwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha” in Four Bungalows. Right from the religious background to the attire required to the practices followed, it equipped us with all the information we needed.

chatgpt gurudwara sri guru singh sabha four bungalows

After a day of trawling the city at the hands of artificial intelligence, we needed this. The Gurudwara had the most calm and soothing vibe. It was such an enriching experience.

chatgpt gurudwara guru nanak sabha pray peaceful scarf

This brought us to the end of a wholesome day, that was entirely planned by Open AI’s ChatGPT! What a unique experience this was and we definitely had the best time. This brings us to the thought “Can AI really replace human autonomy?” Well, no. But it can aid us humans in numerous ways for sure and we must make the most of this technology that is available at our disposal. We suggest you try out this experiment as well!