Are you tired of switching between apps all the time? Well, Jinni is here to streamline your life by bringing all the tools you require on WhatsApp, powered by the latest recent advancements in artificial intelligence technology.

Jinni is a virtual assistant that provides customized assistance to WhatsApp users by utilizing artificial intelligence. It is powered by the ChatGPT language model, which applies deep learning strategies to deliver natural language responses to user inputs.

It is designed to offer a variety of services to WhatsApp users, such as assisting users in finding information, responding to inquiries, and making suggestions for goods, services, and activities. Users can communicate with Jinni by using natural language inputs, which facilitates quick responses.

AI-Powered WhatsApp

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Both personally and professionally, Jinni can be helpful in a variety of ways. Here are some examples:

Personal assistant

Jinni can also serve as your personal assistant with its assistance, users can create reminders, make appointments, and send messages.

Information retrieval

You may easily get information from Jinni, such as the weather forecast, sports results, or the most recent news.

Shopping assistant

Jinni can provide individualized recommendations for goods and services, including restaurants, movies, and travel locations. It can also assist you in researching and comparing internet goods pricing.

Language Translation

You may translate texts for yourself in real-time using Jinni, as it supports a variety of languages.

Customer service

Companies can utilize Jinni to offer WhatsApp customer service to their clients. When a customer has a query, Jinni can respond right away and assist in finding an answer.


Companies can also utilize Jinni to send WhatsApp promotional messages to their clients. Using client behavior as a guide, Jinni can assist with things like sending targeted communications to particular consumer segments or making product recommendations.

How to use Jinni?

To use Jinni, users simply need to add the Jinni WhatsApp number to their contacts and start a conversation. Once the conversation has started, users can ask questions and provide input in natural language, and Jinni will generate responses based on its AI algorithms.

Overall, Jinni is an intriguing addition to WhatsApp, giving users a potent virtual assistant that can keep users informed, productive and organized. Users will surely benefit from Jinni’s capacity to produce customized recommendations and natural language responses in their daily lives.