Jaspreet Singh recently uploaded a video on YouTube about content consumption. He spoke about topics like what’s trending, Instagram reels, attention span, and much more. He tried to express his views about the internet. What are his views and the truth bombs though? Does he not like digital media or curating content? Let’s dive deeper and discuss about the video to know, shall we? Here’s Jaspreet Singh, the well-known stand up comedian’s truth bombs about the internet!

Jaspreet Singh talks about consuming content irrespective of personal choices. From backs not being straight to leg cramps, things that happen in the older ages, are things we have begun to experience in the youth because we are not ready to leave a tv series midway. We sit and lay and turn but don’t get up. Lockdown has affected our consumption wavelength to an intensity that we do not live in the moment because it is beautiful anymore. We first post it on social media.

This video will help you open your eyes to stuff that is genuinely important and fun to you because of your personality. So, I hope you are ready for a reality check monologue because I’m linking the video for you to watch right away!

Hit hard, huh? Maybe now we can think before getting our hands on something or binge-watching popular content. Be it an OTT platform or social media, if we are giving our time to it, it better be worth it for us. We thank Jaspreet for saying it out loud, it was much needed. I hope you agree with me, too. And if you don’t, that is just because we are different people and that is okay. Here’s to mindful consumption of content! And here’s to doing what we like even if it is not popular.

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