Former monk, award winning host, author and a viral content creator, Jay Shetty uploads inspirational and motivational videos in order to impart his knowledge. He believes in giving back in the form of sharing his experiences and life learnings with his audience. Today, we are going to talk about one of his recently uploaded videos on YouTube. So let us dwell into it and see what he has in store for us today, shall we? Here’s Jay Shetty‘s 3 ways to stop overthinking and procrastinating in order to increase one’s productivity.

From the importance of being in the ‘flow state’ to being mindful of the decisions one makes, there can be a huge impact on lessening one’s procrastination and thereby increasing their productivity. He talks about the ways to accomplish skills and increase the bar of challenges as it is one of his favourite examples from the theory. He spoke about his personal experience where, when he was a monk, he was provided two sets of clothes – one to wear and the other to wash. He also is seen to focus on the journey of making decisions from the night before to the end of that day.

Watch this video by tapping on it right away to further understand ways to increase productivity and be inspired to work without any distractions!

This makes a lot of sense and I love the examples Jay gives to make us understand each step. From books to his personal experiences, the effort he puts in to make the video better is unbeatable. I hope this helps you as much as it helped me. If you want to watch more of Jay’s videos, tap HERE to do so. And until my pen writes more for you, here is another article featuring him that you can check out right away by tapping HERE.