Zaeden, the popular singer and record producer finally launched his merch line ‘Genesis 1:1’ on Merchbay! The exclusive merchandise went live just three days ago and fans can’t keep their calm!

The merch line consists of masks, pop sockets, t-shirts, and key chains in colours of lilac and black. Also, they either have the exclusive Zaeden symbol on it or, ‘Genesis 1:1’ is printed along with the list of songs from the particular album.

Just a day before the official release, Merchbay dropped the singer’s merchandise news on its Instagram page. Here’s the caption: “Mark your calendars! We will be launching @zaeden‘s merch line tomorrow at 2pm! We can’t contain our excitement!”

Check out Zaeden reeling in his brand new merch!

After Prajakta Koli, Zaeden is the second artist whose merchandise is launched on Merchbay. So, what are y’all waiting for? Get your hands on the amazing merchandise by tapping HERE! To know more about Merchbay, check out Merchbay: India’s First Creator Driven Merchandise Marketplace.