In a stunning display of talent and creativity, a video of a couple recreating the popular Salman Khan and Govinda dance from the hit Bollywood film Partner has taken the internet by storm. With their impeccable choreography and infectious energy, the couple has managed to recreate the iconic song Soni De Nakhre to its very core leaving the viewers in splits. The viral video was initially shared on an individual’s Instagram account and soon was reposted by many popular accounts.

The video was initially shared on Yuvi’s Instagram account- @Yuvirayz. In the video, Yuvi and Navleen Bhullar mimic Salman Khan and Govinda’s steps from the popular Soni De Nakhre song. The recreation is on point and so apt, that it makes it hilarious.  It was loved by family friends and others who follow Yuvi but soon after it gained traction and became a viral sensation when many ‘meme pages’ and ‘couple goals’ accounts on Instagram shared the video with various captions. Now popular Instagram accounts were sharing this video and garnering millions of likes. 

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Indian Tweets, an account for all trending content shared the video. This post alone has 1.2 million likes and is shared by 402K people. The post has close to 5k comments. The post reads, “me and who” and people have extremely funny responses to it.

The couple, identified as Yuvi and Navleen, are definitely Bollywood enthusiasts who have a deep passion for dance. Inspired by the charm and exuberance of Salman Khan and Govinda, they decided to recreate the legendary dance sequence and pay homage to the golden era of Bollywood.

While many Bollywood enthusiasts revere the original dance sequence, Rohan and Priya’s light-hearted recreation serves as a reminder that entertainment comes in all forms. Their ability to infuse humour into a beloved song is a testament to their comedic genius and the enduring appeal of laughterThe flawless execution of the dance moves with precision and finesse. From the signature steps to the infectious rhythm, they recreate every nuance of the original choreography, capturing the essence of the song and its playful lyrics.

Their chemistry on the dance floor is worth all the appreciation, as they effortlessly match each other’s energy and sync their movements flawlessly. The couple’s screen presence and infectious recreation have won the hearts of viewers, who have been flooding the comments section with praise and admiration.

As the video continues to spread like wildfire across various social media platforms, this recreation of the Salman and Govinda dance from Soni De Nakhre is not only a testament to their extraordinary talent but also a reminder of the timeless appeal of Bollywood music and dance. Social media once again has proved its mettle by lighting up dark days with a simple video. Guilty as charged, but we ourselves have seen the video multiple times and are not getting bored of it anytime soon.

A special shoutout to the person recording their dance for steadily holding the phone. We would have been on the floor while recording this spine tickling dance.