Instagram via its business page Instagram for Business (@instagramforbusiness) has introduced a new way to discover content ideas.
“What should I post?” 🤔
“What are other businesses posting?” 🤔🤔
“Where should I go to find new ideas?” 🤔🤔🤔
We know it can feel overwhelming to decide what to post on Instagram, which is why we’ve launched a new way to discover content ideas.” says Instagram in their Instagram for Business post.

Let’s have a look at Instagram’s guide to discover new content ideas.

Tap into your Professional Dashboard then scroll down

Source: Instagram

Find the Stay Informed section

Source: Instagram

Design Your Own Masterpiece🔥

Source: Instagram

Connect via Organic Posts

See how other businesses on Instagram are connecting with people through organic posts.

Source: Instagram

Grow With Promoted Posts💪🏼

Check out the official @instagramforbusiness post here:

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