Instagram continues to work on improving its interface and adding new features to the app. Let’s have a look at what new features Instagram is working on.

Redesigned Poll Sticker 

Instagram is working on a redesigned poll sticker. As per the images shared in a tweet by popular app developer Alessandro Paluzzi. The new sticker somewhat has a new graphic template with a revised colour combination.

Audio Remix for Reels 

From what we can assume. An audio remix for reels is aimed to promote creators’ music on Instagram, which is produced via the Instagram Audio Remix tool. The option will allow users to DJ their music in real time. Paluzzi’s tweet also revealed images for this feature. 

Just Watched Reels

Instagram will soon allow users to mark reels that they have just watched. The images below show  how the just watched mark will look like. However it is still unclear whether Instagram will display it in the already existing  reels tab or create a dedicated one. 

Increased Video Resolution

The videos recorded via the app’s camera follow the 720p resolution. With the new work in progress the quality will be increased to 1080p. The increase in quality is naturally supposed to bring in an increased file size too. The images below show the difference between the two. 

Edit Location Information 

An edit to the location information will allow users to improve its listing for everyone. The edited information will also be submitted to Facebook for accuracy.