Chandni, who is more popularly known as Chandni Mimic is a content creator, mimicry artist, dancer and a VJ (video jockey). She is well known for her mimicry bits on Instagram (@chandnimimic). Chandni even runs a YouTube channel by the same name Chandni Mimic which is a hub of her relatable and funny videos along with some vlogs.

Chandni Mimic

Chandni who is currently a law student didn’t have the smoothest start into the journey of content creation. In fact she says that a tragedy pushed her into this field. When in grade 10th, Chandni was an extremely timid, sensitive, reserved and an introvert child. She recalls being bullied by students and also teachers until one day she mimicked a teacher who used to insult students and that got her love for mimicry started.

Chandni’s mimicry involves an array of characters. The most famous ones being Daya, Marwari mom, Kangana Ranaut and Alia Bhatt. We have linked one of her videos below for you to watch.

If you feel she sounds exactly like the character mentioned don’t worry you’re not alone as we feel so too. We bet this only proves how good she actually is!

When it comes to getting inspired, Chandni believes in not seeking inspiration from just one person. Instead she gets inspired from anyone who is working hard in their respective field. Although when it comes to looking up to someone Chandni says she looks up to the mimicry artist Jayvijay Sachan and the famous Indian YouTuber Prajakta Koli aka MostlySane.

While the field of digital content creation is a booming one, it comes with its own challenges and one of those is growth. When it comes to growing, Chandni believes that it is important to understand that “you can’t please everyone“, as “kuch toh log kahenge” but what’s important is doing “what you want” and becoming a pro at it!

To Chandni. We wish you growth and power in whatever you pursue and thank you for keeping us entertained with your work.