Instagram Reels has announced its new 60-second update through Twitter. Much like its competitors, the YouTube shorts and TikTok, the time has been extended and matched up by Instagram. This was announced on July 27th and we’re here to talk about the same. So without further ado, let us dive deeper, shall we?

Instagram has been coming up with new updates for the convenience of its users. The most recent, prior to the one in spotlight, was the ‘Co-Author Reels’ update. Tap HERE to read about the same! And, Instagram is back with its new update, the 60-second reels time extension, which was also announced by Roxanne a.k.a. @ladyroxpop.

There was a boost on TikTok after they made their videos a min long and assumably so, perhaps Instagram wants to achieve the same. Although, TikTok has now extended its videos to a three-minute duration so if everything goes in line, we shall soon be talking about another update. Until then, happy content creating, fellow creators!