In today’s age of technology and social media, the fashion industry has witnessed a paradigm shift with the emergence of virtual influencers. These digital personas have taken the influencer marketing world by storm, captivating audiences and driving trends with their unique style and personality. One brand that has harnessed the power of virtual influencers to its advantage is Myntra, India’s leading online fashion retailer. Myntra’s Maya is all set to take over the world with it’s innovation.

Myntra has over time unleashed the power of AI through various strategies. In recent times, Myntra launched MyStylist for its users that allows customers and potential customers to discover their style using an AI tool that will act as a personal stylist. Along with this, Myntra also launched MyFashionGPT that allows its users to describe their fashion needs in paragraphs rather than in keywords. Now, with the introduction of Maya to the Style Squad, who will represent Myntra Fashion Forward across social media platforms, the shopping experience will only get better. 

What is a Virtual Influencer?

Virtual influencers are computer-generated characters designed to represent a brand or individual online. They exist solely in the digital realm. They possess a human-like appearance, with carefully crafted personalities and social media presence. These virtual beings are programmed to engage with users, create content, and promote products, just like human influencers. Virtual influencers offer unique benefits for brands. Here are some advantages of using virtual influencers-

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Maya is Myntra's Digital Asset

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Control and Consistency 

Virtual influencers allow brands to have complete control over their image unlike human influencers who may have their own opinions, personal lives, or potential controversies. This enables the brand to make sure the virtual influencer always aligns with the brand’s values, voice, and aesthetics.

Creative Expression

Virtual influencers provide brands with the opportunity for unlimited creative expression. These digital characters can be customised to fit any desired appearance, style, or persona. This flexibility allows brands to experiment and push boundaries.

Longevity and Adaptability

Virtual influencers are not subject to ageing, or changes. They can maintain their persona indefinitely. This longevity allows brands to establish long-term relationships with their virtual influencers, fostering brand loyalty and continuity. 

Fostering Innovation and Sustainability

In addition to their creative storytelling, Myntra’s virtual influencer Maya plays a pivotal role in promoting sustainable fashion practices. She can advocate for conscious consumption, encourage recycling and upcycling, and educate users about eco-friendly brands available on Myntra’s platform. By merging technology with sustainability, Myntra will be able to set a positive example for the fashion industry, inspiring consumers to make informed choices and reduce their environmental impact.

Myntra’s Bold Move

Recognising the potential of virtual influencers, Myntra made a bold move by incorporating these digital technologies into their marketing strategy. By collaborating with Maya, the virtual influencer, Myntra aimed to tap into the younger generation’s fascination with technology and fashion, while also reaching a wider audience on social media platforms.

With Maya, Myntra can tap into captivating storytelling endowing her with personal narratives, hobbies, and preferences. For instance, Maya is said to be based out of Bangalore might be a small detail but is impactful. This human-like touch made her relatable and fostered a sense of connection with her followers. Myntra leveraged Artificial Intelligence, allowing users to try on virtual outfits and experiment with their style, creating an immersive shopping experience.

Myntra’s collaboration with virtual influencer Maya marks a significant turning point in the fashion industry. By embracing this digital persona, Myntra successfully harnessed the power of technology, engaging with audiences in new and exciting ways. Through their virtual influencer, Myntra has broken barriers, challenged norms, and sparked conversations about inclusivity and sustainability. As virtual influencers continue to captivate the digital world, it is evident that Myntra’s venture into this realm has reshaped the future of fashion, blurring the boundaries between reality and the virtual sphere.