The dominance of AI is slowly seen in the world. There are hardly any areas left where AI has not shown its dominance. The emergence of Aitana Lopez, a 25-year-old AI-generated model from Barcelona, marks a significant shift in the modelling landscape. Crafted by designer Rubén Cruz and The Clueless agency, Aitana has redefined both virtuality and stardom, with a staggering 162K followers on Instagram.

Aitana Lopez- the AI Model and influencer from Spain


Genesis of Aitana

Rubén Cruz shared insights into the creation of Aitana, who came to life due to the challenges faced by The Clueless Agency because of issues with influencers and models. Seeking a way out from the demands of these celebrities, Cruz envisioned Aitana as a solution—a self-sufficient AI model tailored for various brand projects, including advertising.

Aitana- A Success Story

Earning up to €10,000 per month (approximately Rs 9 lakh), Aitana has become a lucrative asset for the agency. Her average monthly earnings of €3,000 underscore her substantial impact as an AI-driven influencer. Beyond her social media presence, Aitana’s images find a home on platforms like Fanvue, where she has become a muse for a sports supplement company.

The Blurred Lines of Reality

 Aitana’s virtual existence has led to an interesting case of mistaken identities. Celebrities, unaware of her AI origin, have engaged with her, sending private messages—a Latin American actor with 5 million followers even asked her out, oblivious to her non-human status.

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Crafting Reality

The meticulous creation of Aitana involves weekly meetings to shape her activities and image uploads. Her photoshoots rely on artificial intelligence and Photoshop, overcoming the need for physical wardrobe changes. The team realised early on the necessity of weaving a narrative around Aitana to engage audiences, lending her a semblance of reality.

Aitana’s Personification of Societal Preferences

Initially designed as a fitness enthusiast, Aitana embodies traits that align with current societal preferences. Her persona, including her pink hair and gamer identity, reflects prevalent trends, encapsulating the essence of what society admires.

Clueless’s AI Portfolio

Aitana isn’t the solitary creation by The Clueless. Maia, another AI model, joins the ranks, both names bearing the acronym for Artificial Intelligence (AI), highlighting the agency’s commitment to these innovative bounds.

A Catalyst for Conversations

Aitana’s emergence sparks discussions at the nexus of AI, marketing, and societal perceptions. Her virtual existence raises questions about the creation of virtual personalities and their influence on social interactions and beauty standards.

As Aitana Lopez continues to redefine the boundaries of virtual influence, her story highlights the changing landscape of modelling. The intersection of AI and human engagement prompts reflections on the ethical implications and societal impact of creating and interacting with AI-driven personas.