There have been many times when we appreciate eye-catchy designs and creatives in the print or over the internet. While the art gets appreciated, the artists are often left underappreciated. As social media audiences flourish so does the demand for great content. There are many illustrator artists who are not just working for their profession but also for their own interests.

It is no new aspect of content creation that every creator artist would want to be relevant and understood by the audiences. For staying relevant and avoiding redundancy many illustrators make content that is topical.

The Instagram content of most illustrators is in the format of static posts, carousel posts, or reels. Reels are the best way to get the audience’s attention as well as increase follower count. There are many illustrators who are doing a great job as illustrators.

There are a few illustrators that we would like to mention for their great reels-

Neha Doodles

Neha Doodles who goes by the handle @nehadoodles, is an illustrator who makes and posts funny content. Neha also has her own merchandise. Her content covers the trends in a fun way. Neha has a verified account on Instagram with 303K followers. Some of her content-


Sweta or better known as @mimithedoodler, with a follower count of more than 7K, keeps her content relatable and fun. Some of her reels are positive and ask for the audience’s attention by asking them to tag the person they remember after watching a particular reel.

Dr. Sadaf Aziz

Dr. Sadaf who is a doctor first and artist later shares heart-felt doodles on her Instagram @doctordoodlles to help people deal with their mental health in simple yet meaningful ways. Aziz, being a doctor tries to give informational content in her reels. Keeping it light yet worthwhile to watch with ways to deal with problems.

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Sandra Art

Sandra creates content on @cartoonytales that is topical and funny. Her reels are not just relatable to a certain age group or gender but all. Some of her artistic content has been viewed by millions.

Bohra Sisters

Two sisters, one account- @bohrasisters. These sisters are creating old-school content which is calming to watch and hear. They put old music in their reels while relating the content to it. They have a follower count of 94K.

Mansi Joshi

Mansi with followers of around 86K on on her handle has a character that is displaying life activities in general. Her content is interesting and funny.