A 9 to 5 job isn’t a dream job for many but they do it to fulfill responsibilities and earn enough for basic bread and butter. Not many think of switching from this easily as it is convenient and quitting it would mean stepping out of it would mean leaving a safe haven to try something else. Shivani Sachdeva is one such content creator who took the chance to step out of it and go forward with her passion despite the routine.

She is a banker who is a digital creator. She is a bikini athlete, model, and influence. Shivani posts content over Instagram that is less talked about. Her content is informational and different from usual.

In SN Spotlight, Shivani spoke to Social Nation, where she talked about her content creation journey, challenges, social media skills, and more.

1. You have been into fitness for the last four years. What was your inspiration for getting on this journey?

It was my huge lower bottom that got me into fitness. Females of my paternal family are blessed with huge bottoms and narrow upper bodies and I was so scared of growing up like this. I did some weight loss at home by skipping and all but after some time these things stopped working on my body. My mom then decided to drop me at the gym where I found a trainer who placed a few kilogram dumbbells in my hands.

I felt so heavy but my trainer pushed me to do the strength training. He became my coach, friend, husband, and inspiration. As I watched him doing the workout and having his diet, I got the kick to do what he was doing. This is how I got into complete fitness. 

2. You talk about taboo topics, sexual knowledge-related topics, – or the ‘uncomfortable talks’. Where and how did you start this? What made you talk about it?

Basically, I was a teacher in my school and college. I had a great connection with the people while teaching them. But when I sit in a social circle people- both male and female of any age group have something in mind and they come to me. I give them answers to their uncomfortable questions very politely and I usually make them comfortable.

Even I used to discuss all these sex or human body physical relation type things with my mom in my teen days. I used to be always open about these uncomfortable topics. But when I started content creation on social media I started with fitness-related content only. But I was not making any connection with the audience. Then I realized not just girls, even boys in the circle come to me and ask these things.

Then I got the idea that I should make people aware of these things on social media, this is the best way to connect with them. But I never wanted to sound like a sexologist or serious person speaking about taboos. It will bore them. So I put my style of tadka in the content so that people enjoy the content and get some knowledge!

3. As you talk about all these topics, there might be hatred on your social media profiles/ handles. How do you deal with that?

Ohh so much, I get to hear a lot like wh*re. But ye unki upbringing hai.

There are people who are appreciating just watching them cheer for you and laugh at the hate comments and revert them with your humor.

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4. Do you have any inspiration as a content creator who works on the same kind of content? 

I love standup comedians who deal with hatred amazingly I like Kapil Sharma he has an amazing sense of humor. As a content creator I appreciate Mostlysane, she has the vibe. I like her I don’t know why but I actually like her. 

5. You were a banker. Then you switched to the journey of fitness and you became a bikini athlete. How did that happen? How has that journey been? 

I am still a banker working 10-5 but actually want to leave this job and switch to completely here. I became a bikini athlete while doing this job and won the show Sheru classic 2019. It was not just difficult. Difficult would be a small word but I dedicate all my journey or win to Sahil who made this possible with dher sara support and love. This idea of becoming a bikini athlete came just after getting married In 2017 December, there was a conversation of 2 lines between us ( Sahil and I ) 

Sahil asked me, “You really wanna do this?” I said, “Yes”. 

“Will you be comfortable wearing a bikini on stage?” I said, “I don’t know but I want to be there.” Then the journey started.

He did everything for me from making meals to making training plans and training me every evening. 

7. What is the differentiation you bring in the content of different social media platforms?

I want to make people smile with my content with some knowledge dropped there. Whether it’s fitness, uncomfortable topics/fashion for basic girls even I am learning how to pose, represent myself like a model. Fun is the main part, even I do get bored easily so I always wanted to make things fun. This is the way we can connect with people.

8. Which type of content do you enjoy creating the most? What keeps you going? 

I love my Jhilmil character, I love playing her. She asks stupid questions on uncomfortable topics. Please do watch her and about the content, I just love creating content and it’s fun with uncomfortable questions.

9. What’s the kind of content which you look forward to creating? 

I am working on fashion-related content, actually learning so gonna post soon. And gonna share my athlete journey again on my profile for the upcoming bodybuilding show. Currently, I am creating content on uncomfortable topics only and working on YouTube also.

10. A mantra or anything you would like to share with the audience? (text/video- anything works)

One mantra – it’s one life, find small goals, keep your dedication on point. Or khul k jee lo.

Sharing the video for the last question.