Instagram has now begun testing longer reels for various users. Last September, Instagram gave us the option of creating 60 seconds long Instagram reel, and now has initiated 90 Seconds Video long Reels to allow users more time for displaying creativity.

This can help users to make the content more engaging, and at the same time help users to drive more views in one video, rather than splitting views into separate video buckets.

Alessandro Paluzzi recently tweeted about the new possibility of an Instagram update

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How to Record up to 90 Seconds on Instagram Reels

To access the Features users have to :

  1. Open Instagram Story Section
  2. Click on the ‘Reels’ feature
  3. After clicking on the length you get 4 options – 15 sec, 30 sec, 60 sec and soon to be 90 seconds.

Jonah Manzano also shared a tweet and uploaded a youtube video sharing a tutorial on how to shoot a 90-second Instagram Reel. At present, this is only in testing, with no official execution just yet.

90 seconds video long Reels

In October, Instagram removed IGTV video and announced the merging of IGTV video and reels together into one singular content stream. This helped in boosting long and short videos making the streaming experience for the users easier and more accessible.

Longer Reels is still not made available to everyone just yet, but it would be gradually extended to more users over time.