Ankita Sahigal is one of India’s most loved comedy influencers. She is a rising star in the world of comedy tapping on her potential further, with every passing day. If you haven’t come across her yet, you are missing out on a hilarious dose of humour and wit! She is a social media sensation known for her quirky, relatable, and humorous content that has won hearts all across the country.

Ankita Sahigal As The Social Media Star

With over 589k followers on Instagram, Ankita is a force to reckon with in the digital space. Her comedic timing, spot-on expressions, and impeccable comic instincts have made her the go-to girl for anyone looking for a much-needed dose of laughter. Ankita is best known for her hilarious and relatable comedy skits. 

What sets Ankita apart from other content creators is her ability to present everyday scenarios in a refreshingly funny way. Her style is a combination of observational humour, satire, and parody, with a focus on everyday situations that we all encounter in our daily lives. Her videos are a perfect mix of satire and self-deprecating humour that will leave you in splits. Even though Ankita takes the satirical route, her jokes are never mean-spirited. Instead, they are designed to make people laugh and brighten up their day.

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Ankita Sahigal and her unique take on social issues

Ankita’s spot-on comic timing and innate ability to fetch laughs in the mundane have earned her a massive following with both the millennials and GenZs. She also has the unique ability to talk about social issues in an entertaining way that pushes you to listen to the end and gets you thinking. From the struggles of being a woman dealing with peer pressure or the monotony of life, Ankita brings out the comical side of everything under the sun. Her satire adds the right amount of spice that lets you learn and laugh at the same time.

Not only through comedy skits, but Ankita also throws light on the existing social conditions through full-fledged poems and couplets. She uses Hindi as a medium of language and her choice of words, especially the forgotten Hindi words, is like music to the ears. To add to it, her extraordinary voice, when she recites these lines, only increases our love for her manifolds. 

Ankita Sahigal characters we love on Instagram

Through her comedy skits in the form of reels, Ankita has blown life into many characters. Her series ‘School ki bhabhi’ earned her well-deserved fame. In this series, she portrays a young girl who is in love with a senior schoolmate. Her childhood innocence and her unwavering loyalty to her partner really remind us of our childhood crushes and how stupid we were at that time.

Another character Ankita plays with ease is the adult version of school ki bhabhi- the newly married woman. Her newly married girls series is just so funny, that you might need to remind yourself to breathe while watching it. She plays the honeymoon phase so well, you would be lying if you said you did not meet something like her. The lipstick on her teeth always gets to us. BRB, laughing again!

Another favourite of ours is Ankita’s dream bahu series. It is such a refreshing take on the stereotypes attached to Indian daughter-in-laws. Her satire and her sarcasm are just the perfect balance without overdoing it. Every time she says “Minto Didi miss you,” we need to hold our aching stomachs and wipe our laughter tears.

Ankita Sahigal’s comedic prowess is undebatable and irrefutable. Her impeccable timing, wit, and humour have made her a household name in the comedy creator scene. She is truly a natural at whatever she does and we could bet our lives that she has been doing this since she was a toddler. Ankita’s relatable content speaks directly to the audience, making her the most obvious choice for the daily laughter dose and we can’t wait to see what else she has in store for us in the future.