In today’s digital age, influencers have emerged as powerful agents of change, and Dhruv Rathee stands out as a prominent figure in this realm. He has become a prominent figure in the online sphere, known for his informative and engaging videos. As a Content Creator, Rathee has successfully utilised his platform to drive conversations, educate, and inspire action on various social and political issues. 

Dhruv Rathee became a household name with his Youtube channel. He gives a black-and-white account of various social, political and economic occurrences without any biases. His videos are widely circulated on WhatsApp groups and he is the main source of understanding for many people. He has 11.1 m subscribers on his Youtube channel and 1.6 million followers on his Instagram account.

Here are a few reasons why we think Dhruv Rathee’s stardom is well justified-  

Spreading Awareness

Rathee’s primary role as a content creator is to raise awareness about critical issues. Through his well-researched videos and social media presence, he sheds light on topics often overlooked or misunderstood by the mainstream media. From political developments to environmental concerns, Rathee uses his influence to ensure these issues reach a wider audience, sparking conversations and encouraging people to think critically.

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Fact-Checking and Debunking

In a time when misinformation runs rampant, Rathee’s fact-checking efforts have played a crucial role in combating falsehoods. He meticulously verifies claims made by public figures and scrutinises media narratives, debunking misleading information. By presenting evidence-based arguments, Rathee promotes a culture of accuracy and accountability, empowering his audience to question and challenge misleading narratives.

Empowering the Youth

One of the most significant contributions Rathee has made as an influencer is his impact on the younger generation. Through his relatable content and engaging style, he inspires young people to get involved, stay informed, and voice their opinions. Rathee encourages critical thinking, empowering the youth to become active participants in shaping the society they wish to live in.

Fostering Political Awareness

Rathee’s political analysis and commentary have resonated strongly with his viewers. He delves into the intricacies of political systems, government policies, and electoral processes, making them more accessible to the general public. By providing comprehensive and unbiased insights, Rathee equips his audience with the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions and actively participate in the democratic process.

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Advocacy for Social Justice

Through his activism, Rathee has become a vocal advocate for social justice. He addresses issues such as inequality, discrimination, and human rights abuses, using his platform to amplify marginalised voices. By sharing personal stories, shedding light on systemic injustices, and urging for change, Rathee inspires his audience to take action and contribute to a more inclusive society.

Holding Authorities Accountable

Rathee does not shy away from questioning those in power. He holds authorities accountable for their actions and decisions, offering critical analysis of government policies and political developments. By creating a space for constructive dialogue and highlighting instances of corruption and negligence, Rathee fosters a sense of transparency and demands accountability from those in positions of authority.

Engaging Community

As an influencer, Rathee actively engages with his audience, creating a vibrant community. He encourages discussions, responds to comments, and invites viewers to share their perspectives. This sense of community fosters a supportive and collaborative environment, where people feel empowered to exchange ideas, challenge beliefs, and work together towards positive change.

Recently, Dhruv Rathee released a video responding to criticism from fellow creators, especially Siddharth (Elvish) Yadav. Rathee released his opinion about the controversial movie Kerala Story which sparked a row of replies from the people supporting the movie. This resulted in a heated argument, and netizens were seen picking sides. 

Dhruv Rathee’s influence as a content creator extends far beyond mere entertainment. Through his commitment to spreading awareness, fact-checking, empowering the youth, fostering political awareness, advocating for social justice, holding authorities accountable, and engaging with his community, Rathee has emerged as a significant force driving change. By leveraging his platform and influence, he continues to inspire, educate, and ignite conversations that have the potential to shape a better future.