Nowadays, it’s more important than ever to promote small businesses, especially those run by women. These women business owners are shattering stereotypes and significantly improving their towns’ economies.

By assisting these locally owned firms, we promote economic development, creativity, and women’s empowerment in addition to women’s empowerment. Here are four exemplary female-run companies that demand our support.

The Thought Co by Priyanka Varma

By offering treatment, developing a growing body of trustworthy knowledge about mental health, creating a network of support, and developing the intervention techniques required for those who are having problems with their mental health, this company seeks to empower individuals.

Their goal has always been to provide everyone with high-quality mental health care. This is shown by the commitment and energy of their team of psychologists, who are knowledgeable in a variety of topics, including but not limited to issues with anxiety, stress, depression, poor mood, and other mental health issues.

The Thought Co. provides a variety of therapy approaches for children, adolescents, adults, and older persons. Based on their areas of expertise and the client’s issues, our team members are appropriately paired with a client.

Priyanka, the founder is an expert in mental health who focuses on clinical psychology, counseling, and psychotherapy is Priyanka Varma. She had her training in London first, and later in Mumbai. She has over ten years of expertise and has worked with a diverse range of people. Priyanka gravitated towards self-awareness and self-acceptance ideas along the journey, and these ideas are now the cornerstones of her therapeutic framework.

Okhai by Kirti Poonia

Okhai is an Indian social company run by women that give rural craftswomen from underprivileged communities more control. Okhai creates a beautiful selection of handcrafted clothing, accessories, and home decor products with their expert craftsmanship. By purchasing Okhai goods, you aid these craftsmen and their families, enabling them to maintain ancient artistic practices while providing for their families.

Okhai supports more than 3000 women artisans and makes beautiful clothing that truly displays hard work and whole-hearted energy and love.

As a way to increase production and provide a wider range of products, Okhai has also hired a group of skilled designers, pattern makers, and tailors. As a result, craftswomen have been inspired to introduce design innovation into their own craft. Additionally, a store has been opened in KalaGhoda, Mumbai, to get more popularity. Thus, Okhai offers a variety of classic goods with a modern twist.

The Gourmet Jar by Apeksha Jain

Apeksha fell in love with a banana jam she tried while on vacation in Burgundy, France, which was unlike any other jam she had ever tasted. She began a food blog after returning to India, and because she loves to cook, she made the original batch of banana rum jam for it.

The Gourmet Jar was founded in her home kitchen in 2012 using real ingredients to make real food taste great after she experimented with various flavours and noticed a demand from her friends and family for what she was making. “As a result, I transitioned from being a French instructor to culinary blogger to unintentional entrepreneur.”

The Gourmet Jar is the ideal store if you enjoy discovering new and flavorful food products. This company, which was founded by a driven female entrepreneur, sells a variety of artisanal jams, preserves, spreads, and sauces. The Gourmet Jar creates delicious flavors that entice your palate by using premium ingredients and following age-old recipes.

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Ochre Organics by Sandhya Jain

Ochre Organics imagines a world filled with the aroma of herbal blends and all-natural teas. In teas and stress-relieving blends, they strive to deliver a tsunami of flavors that are all discovered in completely different places yet leave unrestrained in your mouth. The items are sent directly from the farms to the science lab.

Ochre Organics collaborates with a group of independent organic tea farmers from Assam to deliver the purest and most ethical tea to your door. Their farmers use sustainable organic farming methods to produce only handcrafted teas, avoiding the use of growth hormones, pesticides, or chemical fertilisers to ensure that you can enjoy the healthiest teas without harming the environment.

Wellness practices don’t need to be difficult. Therefore, they develop all-natural products based on teas and botanicals that support one another and your aims without sacrificing practicality, sustainability, or your standards of living.

These four female-owned firms stand for the tenacity, originality, and entrepreneurism of women in a variety of fields. By assisting them, we promote a more diverse and inclusive work environment while fostering the success of these exceptional women.

Do think about making your next purchase from one of these companies if you require self-care products, gourmet treats, organic tea, or eco-friendly clothing. Together, we can bring change and honor the accomplishments of female company owners who are leaving their impact on the industry.